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Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Cynthia

    Key Takeaway:

    • Cynthia originates from the Greek word for “moon goddess” and holds significant spiritual meaning as a symbol of feminine power, intuition, and divinity. As the moon goddess, Cynthia represents change, growth, and transformation in life.
    • Possessing the name Cynthia brings blessings and responsibilities, including the ability to tap into one’s intuition, connect with the divine feminine, and inspire positive transformation in oneself and others. Those with this name are often creative, empathetic, and spiritually attuned.
    • Numerology adds to the significance of the name Cynthia, with a Soul Urge Number of 17/8 indicating a strong desire for spiritual growth and self-discovery, while the Expression Number 35/8 signifies ambition, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit.

    Origin and Meaning of Cynthia

    Cynthia has a rich history and holds a significant place in mythology and spirituality. In this section, we will explore the origin and meaning of the name Cynthia, and delve into its intriguing sub-sections – Cynthia as the Mythological Moon Goddess, and the Spiritual Significance of the Name Cynthia.

    Get ready to uncover the hidden depths and symbolic representations of this captivating name.

    Cynthia as the Mythological Moon Goddess

    Cynthia – goddess of the moon in Greek mythology – is revered as “Phoebe” and “Artemis“. She stands for femininity, fertility, beauty, birth, death and rebirth.Her name originates from “Kynthos” – a mountain on Delos island, the birthplace of Artemis. It symbolizes the strength and power of the moon’s phases. Women in ancient Greece prayed to Cynthia for protection during labor. She became associated with virginity.

    Individuals named Cynthia often have special traits: intuition, artistic talents, psychic powers and sensitivity to energies and people. They are normally creative problem solvers, excelling in music, art, politics or science.

    Cynthia’s soul urge number is 17/8 and expression number is 35/8 – representing career success. The name Cynthia has been used in literature and art in Italy’s Renaissance era. It is popular in the USA too, representing feminine divineness.

    Spiritual Significance of the Name Cynthia

    Cynthia carries more than just a name. Ancient mythology revered her as a moon goddess. She stands for femininity, intuition, emotions, and nurturing. Those with the name Cynthia have spiritual and psychic capabilities.

    Comes blessings and responsibilities for them. They bring balance to their personal and work-life. They advocate fairness, justice, and truth.

    Numerology says Cynthia’s soul urge is 17/8. This implies immense power. Her expression number 35/8 shows freedom-loving and strong leadership.

    The stories of Cynthia are part of our culture. Her name is a reflection of our values and history. Not just a word, but much more.

    Symbolism and Significance of Cynthia

    Cynthia, the name that is rich in symbolism and significance, carries a profound spiritual meaning. In this section, we will delve into the blessings and responsibilities that come with owning the name Cynthia, as well as explore Cynthia’s personal traits and abilities. Furthermore, we will discuss the association of Cynthia with the Moon Goddess, providing a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance behind the name.

    Cynthia as the Moon Goddess

    Cynthia is a beautiful name, derived from Mount Cynthus in Delos. It symbolizes the joy of feminine powers and eternal youthfulness. Ancient poems and hymns praised her for fertility, wisdom, and serenity.

    The name has been adopted to represent an ideal woman of charm and grace. King Arthur’s wife Guinevere was also named Cynthia. She was associated with femininity and romance.

    Owning this name comes with responsibility. It entails embodying the qualities of sophistication and confidence. It also means leading others with grace. Finally, it means controlling the tides and being the envy of all moon worshippers.

    Blessings and Responsibilities of Owning the Name Cynthia

    Cynthia is a name of great importance. It stands for intuition, grace, and inner knowledge. Cynthia is also the name of a moon goddess, so those with this name have a special connection to the power of the moon. This connection can show itself in increased intuition and emotional sensitivity.

    Those with this name tend to feel a responsibility to take care of those around them, just like the moon influences the ocean tides. This kind of leadership is beneficial for them and the people they interact with.

    There are also numeric values corresponding to the soul urge number and expression number which can bring much success to Cynthia’s.

    Since the Renaissance, Cynthia has been popular among English-speaking countries, especially during the 19th century in America. Naming practices like this have meaning for many families.

    While our names have much significance, it’s our actions that truly define us. But owning a name with history provides lots of chances both spiritually and practically. Even though Cynthia can be named after a Moon Goddess, her talents and characteristics are very practical.

    Cynthia’s Personal Traits and Abilities

    Individuals with the name Cynthia are said to have special personal traits and abilities. According to mythology, Cynthia is a powerful moon goddess who stands for beauty, grace and fertility. So, those who have this name are believed to have these qualities.

    Cynthia’s qualities include an intuitive and empathetic nature. They are also gifted communicators, like the moon goddess who conveys messages between realms.

    Moreover, Cynthia is connected to nature and may be talented in art or creative activities. This reflects the moon goddess’s link to natural elements, such as water and lunar phases. Furthermore, those with the name Cynthia are said to be charming and captivating, which often attracts others.

    The spiritual significance of the name Cynthia comes from its connection to mythology and numerology. Its Soul Urge number 17/8 shows ambition and intuition, while Expression number 35/8 shows an aptitude for leadership.

    Numerology and Cynthia

    With numerology being a powerful tool to explore one’s personality and life journey, let’s delve into the supernatural realm of discovering the meaning of the name Cynthia. In this section, we will unearth the significance of Cynthia’s soul urge number 17/8 and expression number 35/8.

    We’ll also uncover the power and achievements associated with the name Cynthia and how it impacts the person’s life, as indicated by numerology.

    Soul Urge Number 17/8

    Cynthia is associated with the Soul Urge Number 17/8. This Number is related to a person’s innermost feelings and yearnings. It helps to understand their inner desires and strives.

    Those named Cynthia with this Number are motivated by ethics, honesty, discipline, self-reliance, and independence. They have leadership abilities, high intuition, and an entrepreneurial spirit. They are courageous and determined.

    They can be highly influential, if they use their energy positively. They also possess great communication skills. Cynthia is not just a name – it radiates a sense of freedom and potential for great achievements. This is reflected in their Expression Number 35/8.

    Expression Number 35/8

    Expression Number 35/8 is a special numerology, which reveals an individual’s potential to gain power and independence. Cynthia holds remarkable qualities and aptitudes, which make her strong in many aspects of life. Numerology experts say the combo of 3 and 5 represent creativity, communication, versatility, and bravery. At the same time, the number 8 stands for self-control, direction abilities, material success, and religious awareness.

    Cynthia’s Expression Number implies she has all these attributes in abundance. She has a natural ability for expressing her feelings through creative and verbal means, and her determination helps her to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. Moreover, Cynthia has outstanding management capabilities that let her handle even the most difficult situations effectively.

    Moreover, having the name Cynthia comes with certain commitments‚ÄĒlike leadership. Individuals with this expression number are usually responsible for leading others towards their ambitions or goals. They are also expected to use their creativity and communication abilities to unite people.

    Cynthia brings power, liberty, and the capability to achieve great things to those who share her name.

    Power, Freedom, and Achievements associated with Cynthia

    Cynthia is a name that carries a lot of meaning. It stands for power, freedom and successes – all highly desirable. Many cultures view Cynthia as a moon goddess, symbolizing strength, courage and the ability to overcome obstacles. She brings light into darkness, revealing secrets and freeing people from fear.

    Those named Cynthia have a sense of responsibility to live up to its blessings. As a natural-born leader, they can inspire others with their passion and vision. They also possess numerology that adds to their power, authority and influence. Their soul urge number is seventeen or eight, indicating a special talent. The expression number is thirty-five or eight, symbolizing success and impact on their community.

    The cultural history of Cynthia is significant. During Renaissance and 19th century United States, many were named after spiritual mythology and folklore. This indicates that Cynthia has a long and powerful history, continuing to empower people today.

    Cultural History of Cynthia

    Cynthia is a name that has traversed centuries and cultures, taking on new meanings and connotations along the way. In this section, we’ll explore the fascinating cultural history of Cynthia, including its significance during the Renaissance era and 19th century in the United States. We’ll also dive into the spiritual mythology and folklore behind various naming practices that have contributed to the spiritual meaning of the name Cynthia.

    Renaissance Era and the 19th Century in the United States

    The Renaissance and 19th century in the U.S. were special times in history. People were captivated by classical literature and mythology, which strongly impacted how they named their kids.

    Parents drew inspiration from mythological figures when naming their babies. Cynthia, a popular name for girls, comes from the Greek word for “moon goddess”. It is linked to Artemis, goddess of hunting and the moon. Lord Byron and Robert Burns popularized the name Cynthia by using it in their writing.

    Cynthia is also associated with elegance and sophistication. Famous women who have this name include Cynthia Erivo and Cynthia Rowley.

    It is clear that the Renaissance and 19th century shaped attitudes towards naming practices. Parents looked back at classical literature and mythology, which enabled them to pass on traditions and values through names that still last.

    Spiritual Mythology and Folklore in Naming Practices

    Naming practices, around the world, are often inspired by spiritual mythology and folklore. Ancient Greeks named their children after deity figures, like Cynthia – who is linked to Artemis, the Greek moon goddess, or her Roman equivalent, Diana.

    These names carry cultural values, beliefs, and customs. Some cultures believe they influence one’s personality traits and destiny. People also name their children after plants, animals, or natural elements.

    The Renaissance era in Europe and 19th century US popularized unique names related to spirituality. Today, with more people turning to spirituality, there are various new-age baby name trends connected to nature spirits, angels, and deities.

    Research shows that names tied to ancient myth stories can increase creativity and help those who bear them understand themselves better!


    To wrap up, Cynthia has a deep spiritual significance stemming from Greek mythology. Associated with the goddess Artemis, this name has meanings of femininity, intuition, creativity, emotions, transformation, and change. People with the name Cynthia are said to have strong intuition and be apt to new experiences. This overview merely touched the surface of Cynthia’s spiritual significance.

    Some Facts About Spiritual Meaning of the Name Cynthia:

    • ✅ Cynthia is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning the Moon Goddess Artemis, which suggests that life is greatly influenced by this goddess. (Source: Auntyflo)
    • ✅ Owning the name Cynthia is considered a blessing because of its symbolic meaning and significance, as it represents power, skills, and abilities to do anything in life. (Source: Spiritual Animal Dreams)
    • ✅ In numerology, the number associated with Cynthia is a powerful number 7, indicating that the person possessing the name has a strong character and energy in life. (Source: Auntyflo)
    • ✅ Cynthia’s spiritual meaning indicates that the person will have a rich emotional life and a silent prayer that they will become a good communicator and not prone to worrying over things they have no control over. (Source: Spiritual Animal Dreams)
    • ✅ Cynthia has a strong need for freedom and desires achievement, beauty, and philosophy, and has the power and ability to achieve anything she wants in life. (Source: Seven Reflections)

    FAQs about Spiritual Meaning Of The Name Cynthia

    What is the meaning and symbolism behind the name Cynthia?

    The name Cynthia comes from Greek origin and means “the moon goddess.” It was one of the names of the mythological moon goddess Artemis and refers to her birth on Mount Cynthus. The name has great spiritual associations and is connected to the moon.

    What does the number 7 mean in relation to the name Cynthia?

    In numerology, the number associated with Cynthia is 7, which is powerful and indicates that the person has a lot of energy in life and is a strong character. This number is often associated with spiritual growth and introspection.

    Does the name Cynthia have a spiritual meaning?

    Yes, owning the name Cynthia is considered a blessing because it represents the Moon Goddess Artemis and her birthplace on the mountain Kynthos. This goddess represents power, skills, and abilities to do anything in life.

    What is the 35/8 Expression Number associated with Cynthia?

    The 35/8 Expression Number associated with Cynthia represents power and the ability to expand in any direction according to one’s will and values. People associated with this number always bring the power with them and may use it for good or evil purposes.

    What does it mean to let go of power according to the spiritual meaning of the name Cynthia?

    Letting go of power is an important aspect of spiritual growth. The name Cynthia represents the Moon Goddess Artemis, who was born on the mountain Kynthos and symbolizes power, skills, and abilities to do anything in life. However, it’s important not to become too attached to this power and to let go of control in certain situations.

    What is the significance of the Latin name ‘Kynthia’ in relation to the name Cynthia?

    The Latin name ‘Kynthia’ means “the girl from Kynthos,” which is the mythical Greek birthplace of the Moon Goddess Artemis and her twin brother Apollo. The name Cynthia comes from this Latin name and represents the Moon Goddess Artemis, suggesting that the person’s life is greatly influenced by this goddess.