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Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With S

    Key Takeaway:

    • Choosing a spiritual name starting with S can bring a deeper meaning and purpose to your child’s life. It can also reflect your personal beliefs and values, and inspire your child to embrace spiritual growth.
    • Some popular spiritual baby names starting with S include Saaj, Sajida, Sandipta, and Swarana. These names carry meanings related to worship, divinity, and holiness, and can be a testament to your faith.
    • Biblical names starting with S, such as Samuel and Sarah, can also hold significant spiritual meaning for Christians. Other spiritual names starting with S include Sabah, Sabia, and Sabellius, each with their own unique origins and meanings.

    Introduction to Spiritual Baby Names Starting with S

    Spiritual baby names beginning with S are sought-after. Parents want names that reflect spiritual and religious beliefs. The letter S has a harmonious effect, so it’s a popular choice.

    When picking these spiritual names, there are some points to consider. They come from religious texts and have various meanings. Also, S-names can symbolize adventure, humility, and kindness. Boys’ names signify strength and girls’ names represent grace, wisdom, and intelligence.

    There are unique S-names too. Some Native American spirit animals have names with S. For example, Snake Spirit and Salmon Spirit. Shanti is another uncommon name – it means peace.

    If you’re choosing a spiritual name, research its meaning, pronunciation, origin, and how it relates to your beliefs. Consider the phonetic sound and how it might be perceived in school and the professional world. Make an informed decision that reflects your beliefs and inspires your child.

    Collection of Over 30 Spiritual Baby Names Starting with “S”

    If you’re on the lookout for a spiritual baby name starting with “S,” you’re in the right place! This section offers a list of over 30 names that hold deep spiritual meaning. Whether you’re looking for boy names or girl names, we’ve got you covered.

    Our sub-sections will feature names with meanings related to worship, divinity, and holiness. So, let’s dive in and explore these meaningful names!

    Searching for a spiritual name for your baby boy? Look no further! Our collection of over 30 spiritual baby names has you covered.

    Take “Saksham,” a Hindu name meaning capable or competent of worshipping God. Or “Samuel,” a Hebrew name heard by God with references to the last judge of Israel. Spanish-lovers can pick “Santo,” meaning holy or saintly.

    Still need inspiration? Check out our article with biblical S names and their meanings. For instance, Solomon means peace.

    Spiritual names can be a great way to embrace different religions and cultures. So take your time, research, and pick a meaningful name that will carry your baby boy through life.

    This section offers parents a selection of girl names that represent worship, divinity, and holiness.

    Many of these spiritual names have roots in different religions and mythologies, such as Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.

    For example, Salma means “peaceful” in Arabic, Shanti stands for “peace” in Hindi, and Selah is derived from the Hebrew word meaning “pause” or “stop”.

    Choosing these names passes on positive attributes related to spirituality and faith to the child. It also helps them understand and appreciate diverse cultures, religions, and values.

    These are only a few of the many spiritual girl names available to parents.

    The chosen name should be associated with the parent’s native language while having spiritual significance. Sarah is an example of this. It shows how God fulfilled his promise to give her a child at an old age.

    Examples of Spiritual Baby Names Starting with “S”

    Looking for a spiritual name for your baby starting with “S”? Look no further! This section will provide you with some fascinating examples of spiritual baby names starting with the letter “S”. We’ll take a closer look at the meanings and origins of some unique names such as Saaj, Sajida, Sandipta, and Swarana. Find out which name resonates with your family’s values and beliefs.

    Saaj: Meaning and Origin

    Saaj is an Arabic and Urdu name with spiritual significance. It means “honorable,” “noble,” and “superior.” This name has great qualities like greatness and loftiness. Also, it reflects honesty, integrity, and respect.

    In Islamic traditions, Saaj has a deep spiritual meaning. Muslim cultures name baby boys names that honor God. Parents name their son Saaj to show their devotion and hope that their child will live an honorable life.

    The name Saaj is unique, positive, and spiritual. It has a historical background with Arab cultures, symbolizing wisdom and nobility. It’s rooted in Islamic teachings with virtues such as decency, righteousness, and service. Choosing this name shows parents’ hope that their child will grow up upholding these values with dignity.

    Another cool name is Sajida, to remind us to stay humble and bow down in worship.

    Sajida: Meaning and Origin

    Sajida is a popular baby name, with ‘S’ as its first letter and of Arabic roots. Its meaning is “one who prostrates to God” and is highly significant in Islam. It stands for devotion and humility towards the Almighty.

    Giving this name to a girl symbolizes respect for Sajda – an act of surrendering to the will of God. It reminds us that nothing is more important than submitting to the divine power.

    Curiously, there are various forms of this name, such as Sajidah, Sujaida, and Saajidah. They all signify the same – submission to God.

    To sum it up, Sajida embodies a deep spiritual bond and faith in God. It is an ideal name for a little girl, imbibing values of reverence and piety.

    Sandipta: Meaning and Origin

    Sandipta is an amazing spiritual baby name starting with the letter “S” and originating from Sanskrit. This name has a wonderful meaning, signifying enlightenment and illumination. Its connotations are brightness, clarity, and purity – all qualities of the spiritual and metaphysical realms.

    In Hindu mythology, Sandipta is often used to describe dedication to reaching enlightenment and being enlightened with divine knowledge. This name also implies awakening or coming into light, which is a significant part of spiritual progress.

    It’s important to note that Sandipta isn’t only special, but rare as a baby name. Utilizing ancient languages, like Sanskrit, with a rich heritage can assist your child in standing out, emphasizing their spirituality.

    In conclusion, Sandipta is a great choice for a spiritual baby name. It embodies lightness and divinity with a modern feel. Moreover, it’s not commonly used in spiritual names beginning with “S,” making it more distinctive than others.

    Also, Swarana is another stunning spiritual baby name, meaning “golden” and representing spiritual wealth.

    Swarana: Meaning and Origin

    Swarana is a beautiful and meaningful spiritual baby name. It originates from India and means “made of gold” or “golden“. According to Hindu mythology, Swarana signifies purity, wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune.

    Parents in India choose this unique name as it is believed to bring happiness and light into their child’s life. It is a strong and beautiful name that suits both genders.

    In India, precious metal names such as gold and silver are popular for babies. They are seen as being lucky in Hinduism.

    Will any of the biblical names beginning with S be able to outshine Saviour? We don’t know yet. However, Swarana remains a special name with a deep meaning and origin.

    Biblical Names Starting with “S”

    Starting with the letter “S“, the Bible is filled with a multitude of significant names that hold great meaning and history. In this section, we will explore several biblical proper names in English transcription, and uncover their proposed etymological meanings along with additional references for further information. Additionally, we will provide an external link to a website with unique Christian names starting with the letter “S” for 2022, making it easy for parents-to-be to choose the perfect name for their child.

    List of Biblical Proper Names in English Transcription

    Biblical Proper Names, in English Transcription, are meaningful names derived from the Bible. These often get given to children and have spiritual meanings related to divinity, worship, and holiness.

    Names starting with “S”, such as Samuel, Sarah, Seth, Shadrach, and Silas, have proposed etymological meanings. These tell us of their origin and spiritual significance. For example, Samuel means “asked of God“, Sarah means “princess“, Seth means “appointed“, Shadrach means “command of Aku (moon-god)“, and Silas means “from the forest or woods“.

    Biblical Proper Names are an integral part of Christian heritage. This provides guidance for parents who desire to give their children meaningful spiritual identities. They represent historical figures from the Bible who displayed admirable qualities. Naming a child after someone like Samuel, known for his humility and faithfulness, would hold special significance.

    Discover the mysterious origins of biblical names with our proposed etymological meanings. Numerous resources also exist for those seeking unique names with spiritual significance for their child.

    Proposed Etymological Meaning of some Biblical Names

    This article looks at the proposed meanings behind Biblical names. A semantic NLP variation creates a table to show a list of Biblical names and their potential meanings, with references for those who want more info. For example, Sarah means “princess” or “lady” in Hebrew. Samuel is “name of God” or “heard by God“. Saul is “asked for” or “begged for“. Simon (Peter) means “he has heard” or “God has heard” plus “rock” or “stone”, symbolizing strong faith. Every Biblical name has cultural and historical value, showing how religion affects naming since ancient times.

    References to Further Information on the Names listed

    This section is made for readers who want to know more about the names in the article. It’s a great resource for people who want to know the meanings and origins of Bible names. Here, readers can find a list of English-transcribed Bible names and their meanings.

    For anyone who wants to find special Christian names that start with “S”, external links are available. These will give expecting parents more ideas for their baby’s name.

    If you’re looking for name ideas or wanting to learn the meaning behind certain names, these resources will be helpful. Don’t wait any longer! Click the link and find the perfect Christian name for your baby in 2022!

    Searching for an exclusive and meaningful moniker for your newborn? Check out our website! It has a special assortment of Christian baby names starting with “S” for 2022. Our goal is to offer a range of religious names that aren’t common. These are for parents who want religious names with deep implications.

    Our curated selection of names is meant to signify the values and qualities of Christianity. Love, compassion, humility, wisdom, and faith are all represented. We provide a comprehensive list of options, including details of each name’s origin, meaning, and history. We know that choosing a name is personal so our website provides extra help that parents might appreciate.

    Beginning with “S,” our website provides an extensive selection of unique Christian names that will surely motivate parents. Whether you’re after a name that reflects your cultural background, personal preferences, or biblical teachings, our website has something for you. Our intention is to aid parents in finding a suitable name inspired by Christian values. We’re sure that our collection of names can help with this.

    Don’t go for an ordinary name when you can pick a spiritually charged one starting with “S.” Visit our website now for a link to a one-of-a-kind collection of Christian baby names for 2022.

    Other Names Starting with “S” with Spiritual Meanings

    If you’re searching for the perfect spiritual name that starts with “S,” then you’re in luck! This section explores a wide variety of names with spiritual meanings that start with “S,” from the more well-known names like Saana and Sabah to the lesser-known names like Şaban and Sabellius. Join us as we delve into the origins and meanings of each name and discover the spiritual significance behind them.

    Sa’adah: Meaning and Origin

    Sa’adah is an Arabic name that expresses “happiness” and “prosperity“. It’s often used for girls to symbolize joy, contentment, and peace. This name encourages people to keep happiness in their hearts, even in difficult times, and to find joy in small moments. It shows emotional wealth is more important than material gain.

    Sa’adah is used by people of various religious backgrounds, like Christians and Muslims. This demonstrates the shared beliefs concerning happiness and welfare across cultures.

    If you’re thinking of naming your child Sa’adah, it’s a strong decision that highlights the presence of happiness in daily life. Sa’adah isn’t just a fashionable name for your baby, but a spiritual choice with a significant meaning and origin.

    Saana: Meaning and Origin

    Saana is a feminine name with Arabic origins. It means ‘Resplendence‘, ‘Brilliance‘, or ‘Radiance‘. This name thus symbolizes light and brightness. Moreover, it has a spiritual significance associated with it. Saana can be interpreted as inner beauty, enlightenment, and divine power.

    This name hasn’t been listed among the most popular names recently. It’s an excellent pick for those wanting something special but not common. Parents can draw strength from its meanings. They can also believe that their daughter carries the essence of illumination and divinity. Therefore, Saana can be a beautiful and unique choice for a baby girl’s name.

    Sabah: Meaning and Origin

    Sabah is an Arabic name for both genders. It means “morning” or “dawn“. This name is linked to new beginnings. In Islamic culture, Fajr prayer is done at dawn. This emphasizes the spiritual importance of Sabah. The name symbolizes spiritual enlightenment.

    Sabah ad-Din was a famous medieval Muslim scholar. He contributed much to Islamic philosophy. He is an important figure in Islamic legacy. If you think of naming your child Sabah, remember its spiritual meaning. Let Sabah ad-Din guide you on a spiritual journey with this name.

    Sabah ad-Din: Meaning and Origin

    Sabah ad-Din – a name beginning with “S” – has a special meaning and source. Its Arabic language roots mean “morning of religion,” combining two words: “Sabah” (morning) and “ad-Din” (religion).

    Reference Data states this name is of Muslim origin and has great significance in Islamic culture. It symbolizes the start of a new day with religion at its core or the launch of one’s faith journey. It is a reminder to focus on our spiritual growth each day. Plus, Sabah ad-Din stands for values like peace, kindness, and understanding for others. It is normal in Islamic cultures to give people names of prophets or figures from Islamic history that illustrate these values.

    If you are looking for a spiritual name for your child symbolizing moral righteousness and religiosity, Sabah ad-Din could be the perfect fit. It encourages us all to stay true to our faith and values while promoting positivity and unity in our communities.

    Sabahattin: Meaning and Origin

    Sabahattin is a name with Turkish roots. Meaning “morning awakened“, it symbolizes new beginnings and growth – just like the sunrise that brings positivity. Choosing this name for your child could teach them resilience, hope, and positivity. It may encourage them to take charge of their life and work towards a better future.

    Interestingly, Sabahattin was a popular name in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire. The most famous bearer of this name was Sabahattin Ali – a renowned Turkish author. He promoted social justice and human rights through his literary works. Thus, not only does the name have a wonderful meaning, but it also carries a rich cultural history.

    Sabahudin: Meaning and Origin

    The name Sabahudin is Arabic. It means “morning of the faith“. Muslim parents like this name because it carries attributes like loyalty, spirituality and integrity.

    In Islam, the tradition of picking a name for a child has a spiritual meaning. People believe the name chosen can shape their personality. Therefore, Sabahudin is a popular name for Muslim parents around the world.

    Not only Muslims love Sabahudin. Non-Muslim parents are also fascinated with the name and its peaceful, deep meaning. This shows how spiritual identity and moral values are shared beyond cultures.

    Şaban and Šaban: Meaning and Origin

    Şaban and Šaban are names of spiritual origin that have been used in Muslim cultures for many years. Both variations come from Arabic and are associated with the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Şaban has a cedilla (ş) in Turkish, while Šaban has an S (“š”) in Bosnian and Croatian. Despite different spellings, they represent the same name.

    This name can be given to both boys and girls. It stands for ‘respectful‘ or ‘magnificent‘. It is also used for those born in Ramadan, which is usually in mid-April to mid-May. Variations include “Shabana” and “Sabina“.

    What makes this name so special is its religious significance. Muslims believe that during Ramadan, God reveals messages more freely, making it a great opportunity for worshippers to explore spirituality.

    If you’re looking for a spiritual name for your child, consider Şaban or Šaban. It carries powerful meanings associated with respectfulness and spirituality, showing your values and beliefs through your child’s name. So, if you want a unique and meaningful name, definitely think about Şaban or Šaban!

    Sabas: Meaning and Origin

    Sabas is a name with Greek roots. It comes from the spiritual and devout way of life of monks. Parents who want to create a strong religious foundation in their child’s life, regardless of gender, may find it a fitting choice. Saint Sabas was a respected ascetic in Orthodox Christianity. He founded the Great Lavra monastery near Jerusalem, which has been a center of Christian spirituality for centuries. The name Sabas suggests piety and devotion to God. Thus, it is meaningful for spiritually-minded parents.

    Variations of Sabas include Savvas in Greek, Sabbatios in Latin, and Sava in Russian. They all refer to service and devotion to God. Though not as common as other biblical names, Sabas has significant historical and spiritual importance. It is unique yet spiritually rich, making it an ideal baby name. Information from “The Oxford Dictionary of Saints” by David Hugh Farmer was used in this article.

    Sabeen: Meaning and Origin

    Sabeen is a spiritual name with a unique origin. In Arabic, it means “milk given to a male camel after it stops giving milk”. This name can be found in the “Other Names Starting with ‘S’ with Spiritual Meanings” section of reference data. It signifies God’s extraordinary food and sustenance granted in unexpected ways.

    Nature also associates with this name. It’s perfect for parents who value the environment. Sabeen carries traits such as kindness, creativity, and imagination – all linked to its meaning. Parents may find this inspiring if looking for baby names with similar qualities.

    Sabeen isn’t limited to Muslim babies. Many spiritual baby names from different cultures and religions begin with “S”. So, it doesn’t matter what faith or cultural background you have. Sabeen is a meaningful and one-of-a-kind name that celebrates nature’s beauty.

    Sabela: Meaning and Origin

    Sabela starts with the letter “S”. It’s an interesting name with an ancient Hebrew origin. It means “God is my oath” or “God’s promise”. It’s spiritual-associated with God and His promises. It’s beautiful and powerful in Christianity too!

    Individuals with this name are steady, practical, and grounded. It’s rare, unisex, and its origin may differ based on cultures. But, it still has similar spiritual connotations.

    This spiritual name is perfect for parents looking for unique baby names! Your child will have a strong backstory and a recognizable name. This will bring them closer to religious communities worldwide.

    Sabela is a unique and spiritual name. It’s fashionable today and represents faith. So, although it sounds like an Italian dish, it’s actually a meaningful name!

    Sabella: Meaning and Origin

    Sabella has spiritual roots. It starts with the letter “S” and has Latin origins. It is mainly connected to Christianity. It stands for someone who is pure and blameless, like a lamb.

    Plus, Sabella comes in different variations like Sabelle. As a middle name, it adds something special.

    In conclusion, Sabella is an excellent choice for parents wanting a spiritual name for their baby! It symbolizes innocence and purity in the Christian faith.

    Sabellius: Meaning and Origin

    Sabellius is a name with Christian theology roots. A third-century priest and theologian, Sabellius, was known for Modalism, later called Sabellianism. According to this doctrine, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not separate persons, but different modes or manifestations of the same divine being. This view was seen as heretical by orthodox Christianity, yet continued to influence theological discussions throughout early Church history.

    Sabellius believed Jesus Christ was not a distinct person from God the Father, but an incarnation of Him. The Trinity was not three persons, but aspects or roles of the one Godhead.

    Debates between supporters and opponents of Sabellianism had a lasting effect on theological thinking and church history for centuries. These discussions also shaped how we see biblical texts today.

    Sabellius has no meaning or origin outside of its link to the theologian. The name Sabia can mean “wise” or “prophetess”. But some might say naming a child after a ‘Star Wars’ creature called Sabia is just as cool!

    Sabia: Meaning and Origin

    Sabia is a remarkable name with spiritual origins from Arabic and Latin. It is connected to the Sabine tribe and ancient times, symbolizing beginnings and fresh starts. The Arabic word “Saba,” meaning “morning breeze,” adds mystery to this name, hinting at wisdom from ancient times.

    Moreover, Sabia has spiritual implications in other cultures. In Hebrew, it is linked to the word “seba,” implying commitment and integrity. In Hinduism, it is connected to Sabiya, a goddess of wellbeing and responsible behavior. The name stands for principles based in tradition, but also embracing progress and positivity.

    It is worth noting that Sabia can have different spellings and pronunciations, for example Sabaiah or Sabha, but each carries similar powerful meanings. Thus, parents looking for an S-letter spiritual baby name may prefer Sabia for its special mixture of significance.

    In conclusion, Sabia is a poignant name representing more than its literal meaning. Its various spiritual ties and regional adaptations further highlight the variety and depth of this name.

    Conclusion and Encouragement to Share the Spiritual Names Starting with “S” Shared in the Article

    In summary, we must accept spiritual “S” names. They have a deep significance that can guide us on our spiritual paths. The reference data reveals the value of these names and their strong symbolism. It’s essential to share these names to help others in their pursuit of spiritual understanding and give them understanding and direction.

    Every special name in the reference data has its own importance and can help people in different ways. If we share these names, we can help others unite with the divine and progress on our own spiritual trips. Let’s appreciate these “S” names and let them form our spiritual identities.

    Five Facts About Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With S:

    • ✅ There are over 30 spiritual baby names starting with S, including Saaj, Sajida, Sandipta, and Swarana. (Source:
    • ✅ The biblical proper names starting with S include both male and female names with proposed etymological meanings. (Source: Wikipedia)
    • ✅ Names starting with S in different languages, such as Arabic, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, and Bosnian, have unique spiritual and cultural meanings. (Source:
    • ✅ Users can create a list of their favorite spiritual baby names starting with S from (Source:
    • ✅ The page on biblical proper names starting with S in English transcription provides external links to further sources and books related to the subject. (Source: Wikipedia)

    FAQs about Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With S

    What are some spiritual baby names starting with S?

    Nameslook provides a collection of over 30 spiritual baby names starting with ‘S.’ These names have meanings related to worship, divinity, and holiness. Examples of names include Saaj, Sajida, Sandipta, and Swarana. Both boy and girl names are included, and users can create a list of favorite names to consider.

    Where can I find a list of biblical names starting with S?

    Wikipedia provides a list of biblical proper names that start with S in English transcription. The page includes some proposed etymological meanings for the names and references to books such as Who’s Who in the Old Testament, All the men/women of the Bible, and All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible for further information. The page is organized alphabetically from A to Z, with S being the section of focus.

    What are some unique names starting with S and their meanings?

    Behind the Name is a website that provides a variety of names starting with S and their meanings. Some examples include Sa’adah, an Arabic name meaning “happiness, luck,” and Sabah ad-Din, an Arabic name meaning “morning of religion.” There are also forms of names in different languages, such as Sabahattin, a Turkish form of Sabah ad-Din, and Sabela, a Galician form of Isabel.

    Are there any books that discuss spiritual meanings of names starting with S?

    Two books that discuss the spiritual meanings of names starting with S are All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible by Herbert Lockyer and Who’s Who in the Old Testament by Joan Comay. These books can provide further insight into the meanings behind biblical names, including those that start with S.

    What does the name Saana mean?

    Saana is a Finnish name derived from a mountain in northern Finland. The name does not have a specific spiritual or religious meaning.

    What is the alternate transcription for the name Sabah?

    The alternate transcription for Sabah in Arabic is Sabeh. This information can be found on the Behind the Name website for the name Sabah.