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Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With P

    Key Takeaway:

    • Choosing a spiritual name for a baby is believed to have a positive impact on their life and personality, and the letter “P” is significant in many spiritual traditions such as Christianity and Hinduism.
    • Some popular spiritual names starting with “P” are Penelope, Prosper, and Priscilla, and some uncommon and inspirational names are Paschaline, Padmalochana, and Prajapati.
    • There are several biblical names that start with “P”, including Peter, Paul, and Phoebe. Proposed etymological meanings of these names suggest meanings such as “rock” and “small”.

    Introduction to Spiritual Baby Names Starting with P

    Did you know that choosing a name for your baby can have a significant impact on their life and personality? In this section, we will explore the world of spiritual baby names that begin with the letter P. We’ll discuss the importance of selecting a meaningful and spiritual name for your child, and also the significance of the letter P in spiritual names. Get ready to discover a whole new world of names and their spiritual meanings!

    Importance of choosing a spiritual name for a baby

    Choosing a spiritual name for a baby is very important to parents. Many think the name has a special energy and can affect the child’s character and future. The letter P has religious or spiritual importance, symbolizing inner peace, intuition, and spirituality.

    Spiritual names with P can help parents pass on their beliefs to their child. These names signify empathy, wisdom, compassion, self-reflection, and creativity. They offer a connection to the divine world.

    P names are a great option for parents. Biblical names like Peter, Paul, Philemon, and Phineas, modern names like Phoenix, Paisley, and Paxton, and Hindu mythology names like Pradeepa (“lamp”) and Maria de la Paz (“Mary of Peace”) are all available.

    For some, cultural significance is not enough when choosing a baby name. Meaning is key. Examples include Pacífica (“peaceful”) and Pablo (“small”).

    Choosing a spiritual name for a baby is part of a parent’s spiritual journey. It reflects their values and hopes for their child. There are many options, so parents can find a name that speaks to their beliefs.

    Significance of the letter P in spiritual names

    P holds lots of importance when it comes to spiritual names. It symbolizes purity, positivity, and peacefulness – perfect for those seeking to give their child such qualities. Naming a child is a sacred act in many cultures. When selecting a spiritual name beginning with P, you can be sure it has special meaning.

    Varying spiritual traditions have different interpretations of P. In Native American beliefs, it stands for wisdom and healing. To Christians, it means grace and humility. There are many unique spiritual names beginning with P, each with its own connotations. Popular spiritual boy names beginning with P include Peter, Paul, and Patrick – well-known, religious names. Phoenix and Paxton are less common, but they convey rebirth and peace.

    If you’d like a biblical name, there are many starting with P. Philip and Philemon are traditional choices, while Peniel and Perazim are lesser-known.

    No matter what tradition you follow, research the origins and meanings of a name. This ensures your child’s name reflects your values. A spiritual baby name beginning with P is a wonderful way to honor your beliefs and give your child a meaningful name.

    Unique Spiritual Baby Names Starting with P for Boys and Girls

    Discover unique and meaningful baby names starting with the letter P, rooted in spirituality. This section highlights the origins and meanings of popular spiritual names beginning with P, along with a range of uncommon and inspiring options. Learn about the history and significance of these names, and find the perfect name for your little one with deep spiritual resonance.

    Various cultures and religions hold spiritual names that start with P. These names carry deep meanings, often reflecting divine attributes or inspiring others. Peter, Paul, Patrick, and Phillip are popular spiritual Christian names. Priya (beloved) and Pranav (sacred OM) are Hindu spiritual names. Parvez (fortunate one) is popular in the Muslim religion. Phoebe has its roots in Greek mythology as the goddess of fertility and peace. The Hebrew name Perez means “breakthrough”. Pawnee in Native American culture denotes a sacred person or animal. Unique spiritual names starting with P include Perpetua, Paxton, Phoenix, Padraig, Philonia, and Prospera.

    Biblical names like Paul, Philip, Peter, and Phoebe have become popular in Christian cultures. These names signify virtues like courage, faithfulness, humility, strength, beauty, gracefulness, and wisdom.

    When selecting a spiritual name for their child, parents may find profound meaning in popular or unique names beginning with P. These meaningful choices can inspire children not only through the definition, but also the characteristics attached to the names.

    Inspirational and uncommon spiritual names starting with P

    When it comes to picking a spiritual name for your little one, the meaning behind each letter of the name matters. The letter P is especially important as it adds a deeper layer of importance. Here are some unique and inspiring spiritual names that start with P:

    1. Paloma: A Spanish name meaning “dove” symbolizing peace and hope.
    2. Phoenix: An English name representing rebirth, renewal, and strength.
    3. Persephone: A Greek name meaning “bringer of destruction,” often linked to the seasons and transformation.
    4. Prosper: A Latin name conveying “success” or “fortune.”

    These names possess special meanings and embody qualities that can spur growth in children.

    It’s worth noting that there are many more divine spiritual names that start with P than those commonly heard. Some lesser-known but still meaningful options include:

    • Passion: An English word used as a spiritual name signifying emotional intensity, zeal, and fervor.
    • Patience: An English word often used as a virtue-name symbolizing tolerance, composure, and calmness.
    • Paxton: An Old English surname now used as a given name meaning “peaceful town,” invoking ideals of tranquility and harmony.
    • Pharrell: A rare variant on the Hebrew name Pharaoh which means “great house.” Phonetically similar to ‘ferris,’ it implies a solid character.

    If you are in search of divine inspiration, check out Biblical names that start with P in English transcription. Whichever name you pick, make sure it speaks to you and has significance for your child’s future.

    Biblical Names Starting with P in English Transcription

    The biblical tradition is full of names with deep spiritual meanings, and those beginning with the letter P are no exception. In this section, we will explore a list of biblical names starting with P in English, each with its unique significance. So let’s dive in and discover the beauty and rich significance behind these biblical names.

    List of Biblical names starting with P in English

    Names with Biblical origins can have great significance in religious and cultural contexts. If you are looking for a name with a ‘P’ beginning, there are some noteworthy ones.

    For example, Pharaoh. This word means “great house” in Egyptian culture and refers to the ruler of Egypt.

    Paul is derived from Latin and means “small” or “humble”. Paul was an apostle and a major figure in Christianity.

    Peter, from Greek, meaning “rock”, was another disciple of Jesus and is considered the first pope by Catholics.

    Philip, from Greek, meaning “lover of horses”, was one of Jesus’ disciples. Priscilla was a female name, derived from Latin, mentioned in the New Testament and friend of her husband Aquila.

    Philemon, from Latin, meaning “loving”, was a Christian leader and had a letter from Paul which is part of the New Testament.

    These names have spiritual, cultural and historical importance. They are popular as given names and surnames all around the world.

    Interestingly, some of these Biblical names have non-Biblical meanings too, for instance Philip being associated with Greek mythology and the love of horses.

    It is important to consider the roots of the names and understand the etymological meanings before deciding on a name for your child. The list of Biblical names starting with P is vast and offers plenty of choices.

    Proposed Etymological Meanings of Biblical Names Starting with P

    Intriguingly, there are numerous proposed etymological meanings of biblical names beginning with the letter P. This section examines these proposed meanings and their significance, shedding light on the possible interpretations of these names.

    Explanation of proposed etymological meanings of Biblical names starting with P

    Biblical names beginning with P have deep etymological meanings that reflect ancient cultures and beliefs. These proposed meanings are based on historical interpretations and linguistics of their origin and context.

    One etymological meaning relates to their Hebrew roots. For example, Phinehas comes from “Pinchas,” meaning “mouth of copper.” This may refer to his boldness or his role as a priest. Peninnah comes from “Peninah,” meaning “pearl” or “precious stone.” This could signify her beauty or value in Hannah’s story.

    Another suggested meaning relates to Greek or Latin translations. Peter is from “Petros,” meaning “rock” or “stone.” This reflects his faith in Jesus. Priscilla is from “Prisca,” meaning “ancient” or “venerable.” This emphasizes her wisdom and experience in ministry.

    These meanings may be supplemented by cultural context, events, and symbolism. Exploring these facets can give us new insight into the spiritual power of these names.

    Alphabetical Order of Biblical Names Starting with P

    Discover the spiritual significance behind biblical names starting with the letter P. In this section, we will explore an alphabetical list of such names, each with its unique symbolism and meaning. From popular names like Peter to lesser-known names like Philemon, the names offer insights into the ancient culture and customs surrounding spirituality during biblical times. Get ready to uncover the hidden meanings behind these names and how they can inspire and enrich your spiritual journey today.

    List of Biblical names starting with P in alphabetical order

    Families looking to honor spiritual roots through naming their babies may find significance in using biblical names starting with P. This list gives such names in alphabetical order, along with their origins and meanings.

    • Pharez – Meaning “burst forth” or “breach,” with biblical roots.
    • Philemon – Belongs to a Christian from Colossae, who received a letter from Paul.
    • Philip – Meaning “lover of horses,” found in Old and New Testaments.
    • Phineas – Possible meaning of “mouth of fire,” belonging to a biblical figure known for zeal for God.
    • Pontius – Latin name derived from an ancient Roman family name, most commonly associated with Pontius Pilate, who condemned Jesus to death.

    These names come with their own etymology, interpretation, and cultural connections. This list only covers a bit of biblical names beginning with P, yet there are plenty of other options for families interested in this naming tradition.

    Also, Philippi, Greece – the place the book of Philippians is named after – was an early center for Christianity. This adds even more significance to the biblical name.

    In conclusion, biblical names starting with P offer an interesting view into spiritual roots and may be a meaningful choice for families who value this tradition.

    Etymology and Meanings of Individual Biblical Names Starting with P

    Discover the fascinating world of etymology and meanings of individual biblical names starting with P in our article on the spiritual meaning of names. From Philemon to Pontius Pilate, each name holds a unique significance and is rich in history, culture, and tradition. Join us as we explore the detailed explanations of these names and uncover their spiritual and symbolic significance.

    Detailed explanation of the etymology and meanings of individual Biblical names starting with P

    Biblical names beginning with P have deep spiritual significance. Exploring their meanings can provide insight to their symbolic importance. For parents, choosing a biblical name for their newborn can represent spiritual values like humility, courage, and strength. Popular examples include Paul, Peter, and Philip.

    However, there are many lesser-known yet meaningful names with fascinating etymologies related to Christianity. For example, Phinehas means “mouth of brass,” symbolizing good communication skills. Perez means “breach,” representing breaking down barriers.

    Parents can choose a name for their child with knowledge of the symbolic and linguistic value of Biblical names starting with P. This detailed explanation allows them to make an informed decision, creating a unique identity while conveying spirituality.

    Other Names Starting with P from Different Cultures and Languages

    Did you know that the letter “P” is widely used as the initial letter of many unique names across various cultures globally? In this section, we will discover a wide range of interesting names starting with “P” from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. From Philippine to Persian, Slavic to Sanskrit, the list of names starting with “P” seems endless! Let’s explore some of the notable names and learn about their spiritual significance and cultural context.

    List of names starting with P from different cultures and languages

    Names that start with the letter P span a range of cultures and languages, each offering unique spiritual significance.

    Examples include: Pawan (Indian, meaning “wind”), Parisa (Persian, meaning “like a fairy”), Patricio (Spanish, meaning “nobleman”), Phoebe (Greek, meaning “bright, pure”), Pilar (Spanish, meaning “pillar of strength”), and Piotr (Polish form of Peter, meaning “rock”).

    Cultural naming practices can vary greatly. Some may choose names based on events or circumstances, while others may incorporate family or ancestral names.

    It is essential to research cultural traditions and practices when considering spiritual names for a child. This will allow parents to make an informed choice.

    Having a name that resonates with one’s beliefs and values adds to an individual’s sense of identity and belonging.

    Pa f Hmong – Meaning and Origin of the Hmong Name

    Pa f Hmong is a significant name in the Hmong culture, with a profound meaning and origin. In this segment, we will explore the explanation behind the name, its cultural significance, and the origin of the name in the Hmong community.

    Explanation of the meaning and origin of Pa f Hmong name

    Pa f Hmong is a special name with spiritual power in the Hmong culture. It means “eternal and everlasting” in Hmong. It is linked to nature and spirituality.

    According to Hmong people, a name can shape a person’s life and character, so it is important to pick a name with spiritual meaning.

    Lately, more parents are choosing unique spiritual names like Pa f Hmong instead of usual names. To find the perfect spiritual name, parents can look at names from other cultures, such as Finnish, Spanish, Manx, etc., that start with the letter P. This gives them more options and helps their child have a unique identity linked to their heritage. Therefore, Pa f Hmong is an ideal choice for those who want to honor their child’s spiritual and cultural roots.

    Paaie f – Manx Form of Peggy and its Significance

    Paaie f, the Manx form of Peggy, holds a unique significance in spiritual name meanings that is worth exploring. Let’s take a closer look at this sub-section, where we’ll dive into the explanation of the significance behind Paaie f and what it represents.

    Explanation of the significance of Paaie f, the Manx form of Peggy

    Paaie f is a Manx form of Peggy and holds great spiritual significance. It initially meant ‘pearl,’ which stands for purity and grace. As a derivative of Peggy, it symbolizes ‘strength’ and ‘resilience.’ Paaie f pays homage to Saint Margaret of Antioch, the patron saint of childbirth.

    This name is also a Finnish variant of Paul, which has a modern appeal.

    It is the perfect name for parents who want to instill spiritual values in their child. Furthermore, it is linked to the Greek name Margaret, which also means ‘pearl.’ In the Middle Ages, Saint Margaret was an inspiration to many. Her name symbolized courage and endurance.

    Choosing Paaie f not only has deep symbolic meaning but also cultural heritage. An interview with a family from Mann revealed that they wished for a unique name that honored their ancestry. After researching spiritual baby names starting with ‘P,’ they were delighted to find Paaie f. They urge other parents to do the same.

    Paavali m – Finnish Form of Paul Used in the Bible

    Paavali m is one of the names starting with P with a spiritual meaning mentioned in the Bible. In this section, we explore the spiritual significance behind this Finnish form of Paul and what it represents in the scriptures.

    Explanation of Paavali m, the Finnish form of Paul used in the Bible

    If you seek a Christian name that stands out, Paavali m may be it! This Finnish version of Paul has its roots in Finland and signifies humility and wisdom. Its Latin etymology is “small” or “humble“.

    It’s noteworthy that Paavali m is connected to Paul of the Bible, who traveled to spread Christianity. Nowadays, it’s not as popular outside of Finland, making it a unique option for parents.

    When naming a baby, consider the interpretations and adaptations different cultures have made to biblical names. This can lead to a meaningful choice that aligns with your values.

    Fun fact: Pablo m is the Spanish form of Paulus, proving that greatness comes in small packages.

    Pablo m – Spanish Form of Paulus and its Famous Bearer

    Pablo m is the Spanish variant of Paulus, a name that has a strong religious history. In this section, we will explore the spiritual significance of this name and its most notable bearer, who has made an impact in the world.

    Explanation of Pablo m, the Spanish form of Paulus and its famous bearer

    Pablo M has significant Spanish history. It’s been used since medieval times and is linked to the famous artist Picasso. He changed modern art with his unique style and ideas. He co-founded Cubism and made collage techniques key in modern art.

    Choosing Pablo M as a baby name is a great way to recognize Spain’s culture and spur creativity. Parents wanting a spiritual name from the Spanish culture should consider Pablo M. Though popular now, it has deep historical roots that give it more importance in Spanish culture.

    Paca f – Diminutive of Francisca in Spanish

    Did you know that “Paca f” is actually a diminutive of the name “Francisca” in Spanish? In this section, we’ll explore the spiritual meaning behind this unique name and what it represents. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of names and their spiritual significance.

    Explanation of Paca f, the diminutive of Francisca in Spanish

    Paca f is a delightful and rare option for parents who are picking a name for their baby girl. It comes from the Spanish name Francisca, which means “free” or “from France”. Francisca has been a famous name since medieval times. Paca f, on the other hand, is not as popular.

    In Spanish culture, diminutives are often used as terms of endearment for family members or children. That’s why Paca f sounds so sweet and fun. It gives off a feeling of tenderness and love for the person with that name.

    For parents who wish to honor Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology, choosing Paca f for their baby girl might be an ideal choice. This is because Francisca is linked to Saint Francis.

    It is worth noting that Paca f has been used as a nickname for famous people like Francesc Fabregas or Francisco Franco. In these scenarios, it was changed to “Cesc” or “Paco”. Despite this, Paca f remains an unusual given name in Spain, unlike its common use as a nickname.

    In conclusion, Paca f is an attractive and meaningful option instead of the more well-known Franca or Francesca names for baby girls.

    Pace m – English Name Derived from Middle English Word Meaning “Peace”

    Pace is an English name derived from the Middle English word, meaning “peace.” In this section, we explore the spiritual significance and symbolism behind the name Pace, as well as its cultural and historical context.

    Explanation of Pace m, the English name derived from Middle English word meaning “peace”

    Pacem is an English name with Middle English roots. The name has been around since the 13th century and rose in popularity after the Norman Conquest of England. During medieval times, Pacem became more common as it was linked to peace and tranquility; much desired during those uncertain times.

    Its origin can be traced back to Latin, “pax,” which means ‘peace‘. “Pax” was a popular given name in ancient Rome and early Christianity. In medieval England, it was modified to Pacem. Today, Pacem still stands for peace and is usually given to those born during peaceful times or seen as calming.

    Variations of Pacem exist across different cultures and languages. In French, it’s spelled “Paix,” and in Spanish, “Paz.” In some cases, the spelling may be slightly different, in others, the translation may be entirely different.

    Parents looking for a meaningful, unique name for their child may consider Pacem for its peaceful connotations and historical link. If you’re searching for spiritual baby names that start with P and bring a sense of peace like Pacem, explore our comprehensive list of names from various cultures and languages. It’s ironic to give a peaceful name like Pacem to a potentially lively child.

    Pacey m & f – English Name Derived from French Place Name Pacy

    Derived from a French place name, Pacey m & f is an English name that has an interesting history and spiritual significance. In this section, we’ll explore the explanation of Pacey m & f, how it originated, and the underlying spiritual meaning behind it, using the Reference Data provided.

    Explanation of Pacey m & f, the English name derived from French place name Pacy

    Pacey is an English name for both boys and girls. It originates from a French place name, Pacy. This comes from the Middle Ages when surnames were based on places. The name Pacy is believed to be from a Gallo-Roman personal name “Paccius” plus “-acum,” which means “estate or property”.

    The surname Pacey has been in use since the 13th century in England. But, its usage as a given name only began during the 20th century. It has seen increasing popularity in recent years.

    In 2020, Pacey was ranked 836th in baby girl names in the USA, according to Baby Center data. It gained fame after featuring on Dawson’s Creek, an American teen drama show. The protagonist of the show was named Pacey Witter.

    Though rare, parents may opt for spelling variations such as Paisley or Payson instead of the traditional form of the name. This is to express uniqueness, while still keeping its core meaning intact.

    For those who wish to honor their cultural roots, the Indigenous American Quechua name Pachakutiq, which means ‘world overturner‘, may be a meaningful choice.

    Pachakutiq m – Indigenous American Quechua Name and its Meaning

    Pachakutiq, an Indigenous American Quechua name, holds a significant spiritual meaning. In this section, we will explore the deep-rooted origins and the intricate meanings associated with this name.

    Explanation of Pachakutiq m, the Indigenous American Quechua name and its meaning

    Pachakutiq is a unique Quechua name. It’s from the Inca civilization and has huge cultural significance. It translates to “world reversal,” which symbolizes transformation and change.

    The myth of Pachakutiq is about a wise leader who brought balance to the world. People view him as a hero. So, choosing this name may show your willingness to embrace change.

    Furthermore, non-Indigenous American parents are considering it for their children. It shows how Indigenous culture can inspire diversity in society.

    If you’d like an Inca name that honors Mother Earth, try Pachamama.

    Pachamama f – Inca Mythology Name Meaning “Earth Mother”

    In Inca Mythology, Pachamama is a significant name with the meaning of “Earth Mother“. In this section, we’ll discuss the spiritual explanation of this name and its cultural importance.

    Explanation of Pachamama f, the Inca mythology name meaning “Earth Mother”

    Pachamama f, a name from Incan mythology, is a powerful symbol of Earth Mother. It stands for providing and sustaining all life on earth. Offerings of spiritual importance such as coca leaves and llama fetuses are made to worship it. Pachamama is believed to protect and nurture humanity. It’s popularity has grown worldwide due to its beautiful meaning and relation to mother nature. It symbolizes strength and resilience in tough times. Plus, reminds us to care for our planet to let it heal itself. If you name your daughter Pachamama, it will be associated with rebirth, renewal and growth. Making it a unique name to be cherished forever.

    Another option is Pacífica f, a rare Spanish feminine form of a Late Latin name. Perfect for those who want a unique name like Mary or Sarah.

    Pacífica f – Rare Spanish Feminine Form of Late Latin Name Pacificus

    The name Pacífica holds a special place in the world of rare feminine Spanish names. In this section, we’ll explore the intricate spiritual meaning of this name by examining its historical roots and etymology.

    Explanation of Pacífica f, the rare Spanish feminine form of Late Latin name Pacificus

    Pacífica f is a beautiful, rare Spanish feminine form of the Late Latin name Pacificus. It symbolizes both peace and the tranquility of the ocean. Its Latin origin means “peaceful.” Its Spanish interpretation translates to “calm” and “serene“.

    Choosing Pacífica f as a baby name is great. It reflects the individuality of its bearer. Plus, it has a deep connection to spirituality.

    Pacífica f is perfect for families who value inner peace and serenity. It’s associated with qualities like calmness, gentleness, and kindness. It’s perfect for strong, resilient females who can handle adversity.

    If you’re Spanish-speaking and searching for a powerful baby name with spiritual significance, Pacífica f is an amazing option. It represents rare femininity and strength.

    Paĉjo m – Esperanto Diminutive of Paul and its Significance

    Paĉjo m, an Esperanto diminutive of Paul, holds a symbolic significance in the spiritual meaning of names starting with P. In this section, we’ll explore the meaning and significance of Paĉjo m, and how it relates to the larger spiritual context of names starting with P.

    Explanation of Paĉjo m, the Esperanto diminutive of Paul and its significance

    Paĉjo m is a term used in Esperanto. It is a diminutive of Paul, which holds special meaning for those who speak the language. It relates to the apostle Paul – a significant figure in the New Testament and early Christianity.

    Adding diminutives like “ĉjo” to someone’s name is a way to show affection or familiarity. Thus, calling someone Paĉjo m is seen as a respectful and friendly way to address them, whether a loved one or a regular acquaintance.

    Esperanto is an international auxiliary language created by L.L. Zamenhof, a Polish doctor, in 1887. It is spoken and written globally for many reasons, including communication, literature, music, conferences, and diplomacy.

    Though small, Paĉjo m has linguistic and cultural importance among Esperanto speakers. It is a term of endearment and respect, reflecting the warm way of addressing loved ones that is common in Esperanto culture.

    Paco m – Diminutive of Francisco in Spanish

    Paco m, a diminutive of Francisco in Spanish, is a name that bears significance and spiritual meaning for many people. In this section, we’ll explore the explanation of Paco m and its cultural associations, shedding light on its importance and symbolism.

    Explanation of Paco m, the diminutive of Francisco in Spanish

    Paco m is a nickname derived from Francisco, a name with religious importance. This name comes from the Germanic tribe leader “Frank,” meaning “free man”. Saint Francis of Assisi popularized this name, as he was famous for his work with the poor and nature.

    Paco m is widely used in Hispanic cultures. It’s a shortened version for ease and convenience, as many individuals have this name. It also has historical and cultural significance, due to Saint Francis of Assisi’s global impact.

    In Filipino culture, Paco m is an acronym for “Padre Compañero,” meaning a priest who is also your friend. This shows how names can have different meanings, depending on the culture or context.

    Conclusion and Encouragement to Share the Spiritual Baby Names Starting with P Page

    Parents who wish to give their children a spiritual name with P, can find great significance in it. The Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With P article has an extensive list of names, with spiritual backgrounds and meanings. Choosing a name with a higher purpose and meaning, will inspire the child to live with purpose.

    This article is very valuable for parents searching for the right spiritual name. It provides insight into spiritual significance and can be shared with friends and family.

    So, the article is perfect for parents that want to make a spiritual connection with their child’s name. It is also a great help to those looking for support in this area.

    Five Facts About Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With P:

    • ✅ The Nameslook website offers a collection of over 20 unique spiritual baby names starting with ‘P’, both for boys and girls. (Source: Team Research)
    • ✅ The Wikipedia page “List of biblical names starting with P” lists proper names that start with the letter P in English transcription, many with proposed etymological meanings. (Source: Wikipedia)
    • ✅ The Behind the Name website lists various P names, including Pa f Hmong meaning “flower” in Hmong, Pablo m as the Spanish form of Paulus and the name of Pablo Picasso, and Pachakutiq m as an Indigenous American Quechua name meaning “changer of the world”. (Source: Behind the Name)
    • ✅ Pachamama f is an Inca Mythology name meaning “earth mother” and was the name of an Inca goddess of the earth and fertility. (Source: Behind the Name)
    • ✅ Pacífica f is a rare Spanish feminine form of Pacificus meaning “peacemaker”. (Source: Behind the Name)

    FAQs about Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With P

    What are some unique spiritual baby names starting with P? offers a collection of over 20 unique spiritual baby names starting with ‘P’. Both boy and girl names are included, and their meanings are listed. Users can create a list of their favorite names. No user comments are available at this time, but users are encouraged to share the page to reach more people.

    What are some biblical names starting with P?

    Wikipedia has a page that lists biblical proper names starting with P in English transcription. Some of the names come with a proposed etymological meaning. The reader can find more information on the listed names in the references and external links section. The page follows an alphabetical order from A to Z, with P being the current section. The references section includes books such as “Who’s Who in the Old Testament,” “All the men of the Bible,” “All the women of the Bible,” “All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible,” and “All things in the Bible: an encyclopedia of the biblical world.”

    What are some unique names starting with P found on lists several unique names starting with P. For example, “Pa f Hmong” means “flower” in Hmong. “Paaie f” is the Manx form of Peggy. “Paavali m” is the Finnish form of Paul used in the Bible. “Pablo m” is the Spanish form of Paulus and was the name of the famous painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso. “Pachakutiq m” is an Indigenous American Quechua name meaning “changer of the world” and was borne by a 15th-century ruler of the Inca Empire. “Pachamama f” is an Inca Mythology name meaning “earth mother” and was the name of an Inca goddess of the earth and fertility.

    What is the feminine form of “Patricius”?

    The feminine form of “Patricius” is “Patricia”.

    What are some books about biblical names?

    Zondervan Publishing has released several books about biblical names, including “All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible” and “All things in the Bible: an encyclopedia of the biblical world.” The 1988 ISBN for “All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible” is 031034440X, and the 1988 ISBN for “All things in the Bible: an encyclopedia of the biblical world” is 031028670X. The Zondervan Press published both books.

    What is the etymological meaning of the name “Paul”?

    The name “Paul” means “small” or “humble” in Latin. It is derived from the Roman family name “Paulus”.