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Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With J

    Key Takeaway:

    • Choosing a spiritual name for a baby can bring a sense of purpose, identity, and connection to a higher power. Starting with the letter ‘J’ can honor a loved one, reflect cultural tradition, or simply resonate with the parents’ values and beliefs.
    • Some unique spiritual baby names starting with ‘J’ include Jabez, which means ‘sorrow’ or ‘trouble’, but also ‘height’, representing the possibility of overcoming adversity and reaching great heights; Jahaleel, which means ‘praising God’, inspiring a life of gratitude and devotion; and Jaasiel, which means ‘God’s work’, affirming the idea that everyone has a divine purpose.
    • The biblical names starting with ‘J’ have rich meanings and histories, from Jacob, who wrestled with God and became the father of the twelve tribes of Israel, to Jael, who courageously defeated a Canaanite general by driving a tent peg through his head. These stories can provide inspiration and guidance for those seeking to lead a spiritual life.

    Introduction to Spiritual Baby Names Starting with ‘J’

    Are you on the hunt for the perfect name for your baby that has a spiritual meaning? Look no further – this section is all about introducing you to spiritual baby names starting with the letter ‘J’. We’ll be exploring the importance of choosing a spiritual name to give your child a unique identity and connection to a higher power. With a plethora of options to choose from, you’re sure to find a name that resonates with you and your baby’s spiritual journey.

    Importance of Choosing a Spiritual Baby Name

    Choosing a baby name is a huge task for parents. It reflects their values, beliefs, and dreams. So, why not choose a spiritual name from religious texts? Here, we’ll explore the power of spiritual baby names beginning with ‘J’.

    Names carry emotions, attributes, and hopes. A spiritual name has divine power. It connects the baby’s life to their faith and gives them a sense of belonging. It’s important to research the meaning of your chosen name.

    We have special insights into some commonly found names. Jacob means ‘Supplanter‘ and Jael means ‘Goat‘. Here are 60+ unique spiritual names starting with ‘J’, separated by gender.

    Ready? Let’s find your perfect name. Check out these six inspiring spiritual names beginning with ‘J’.

    Collection of Over 6 Unique Spiritual Baby Names Starting with ‘J’

    If you’re on the hunt for spiritual baby names starting with the letter ‘J’, then look no further! We’ve compiled a collection of over 6 unique names that are bound to inspire you. These names are categorized by gender and each name comes with its very own spiritual meaning to help you choose the perfect name for your little one.

    Names Categorized by Gender: ♂️ for Boy Name, ♀️ for Girl Name

    Searching for a special spiritual baby name beginning with ‘J’? Look no more! Here’s a list, divided by gender and marked by symbols – ♂️ for boys and ♀️ for girls. We’ve also created a table so you can see the categorization visually. Each name is listed with its gender symbol and corresponding meaning.

    Some of the names are unisex – they can be given to boys or girls. If you’re looking for a spiritual name, pick one that fits your beliefs and resonates with you. Research the full meaning and origin of the name before deciding. You can also consult spiritual leaders or advisors for help.

    For further details about each name’s meaning, see the section ‘Name Meanings Provided for Each Name’. This list offers a wide selection of options for parents seeking a unique spiritual name for their baby.

    Name Meanings Provided for Each Name

    Searching for a spiritual baby name beginning with ‘J’? Our list has over 60 names to choose from. Each comes with its spiritual and biblical meaning, making it easier for parents to select the perfect fit for their child. All names are also listed by gender.

    Naming a baby with spiritual significance is important, as it can influence their life journey. Parents can use the meaning of the name to set hopes and aspirations for their child’s future.

    Our collection is an ideal tool to explore different options and find the perfect spiritual baby name starting with ‘J’ for your little one.

    List of Biblical Names Starting with ‘J’ and Their Meanings

    Discover the fascinating meanings behind the biblical names starting with ‘J’ in our comprehensive list. Get ready to explore a range of intriguing names, from ‘Jaakan’ to ‘Jahaleel’, along with their corresponding unique meanings.

    Dip into our overview for an idea of what to expect, and delve into the subsections to uncover the individual significance of names such as ‘Jachin’ and ‘Jael’.

    Overview of the List of Names

    This article gives you an all-inclusive look at spiritual baby names beginning with the letter ‘J’. 🔎 It lists over 20 exclusive options, separated by gender: ♂️ for boys and ♀️ for girls.

    Every name comes with its definition, so parents can pick a name that fits their outlooks and desires. Moreover, it provides an informative breakdown of each name, including its source and importance.

    Thanks to this abundance of info, parents can make educated decisions when selecting a spiritual name for their child. The names presented are both original and meaningful, including biblical names with deep significance.

    Jaakan: Tribulation, Labor, Intelligent, He Surrounds and Twists

    Jaakan is a special name, with a Biblical background. Its Hebrew origins give it spiritual importance. It means various things, each one powerful in its own right. For example: tribulation, labor, intelligence, he surrounds, and twists. This suggests that those named Jaakan show strength and courage, even in hard times.

    Parents wanting a spiritual and meaningful name for their child, should consider Jaakan. It has been passed down through generations, and each letter has significance. It reflects the legacy parents want their child to leave.

    Jaakan encourages resilience and determination, even in tough times. It symbolizes hard work, intelligence, protection, and adapting to life’s changes. In short, it’s a great choice for parents searching for a powerful and special name.

    It’s amusing to think of someone named Jaakobah – a derivative of Jaakan. They could be the ultimate trickster in the family!

    Jaakobah: Supplanter, Deceiver, the Heel

    Jaakobah: a beautiful, spiritual baby name starting with ‘J’. Its Hebrew roots provide a fascinating history linked to the bible. Meaning “to supplant or deceive” and “the heel”, symbolising determination and perseverance.

    Such a spiritual name highlights ambition, resourcefulness, and persistence from the Jewish mythology. It stresses having a strong mindset, and being honest and authentic.

    Parents searching for something unique can consider Jaakobah. It offers insight into positive traits for their child, and encourages them to stay true to themselves.

    Or Jaala – meaning “ascending” and associated with a frisky goat – an ideal name for a lively little one!

    Jaala: Ascending, a Little Doe or Goat, Wild Goat

    Jaala is a special name from the Bible, starting with the letter “J”. It’s Hebrew and means ability and speed. It also means “ascending”, “a little doe or goat”, and “wild goat”.

    In the Bible, Jaala was a descendant of Benjamin. They were archers and knew lots about warfare. The name suggests someone who can move up in life with great agility.

    Jaala is a great option for parents who want a spiritual name from the scriptures. It’s full of meaning and shows trustworthiness and strength.

    It stands out among other biblical names beginning with “J” as it’s versatile and confident. Creative parents can come up with lots of nicknames using Jaala.

    Jaala’s variation, Jaalam, is perfect for parents who want their child to be a young heir with hidden potential. The name has a sublime feel, so parents will want their child to have that too.

    Jaalam: Hidden, Young Man, Heir, Concealer, He Will Be Hid

    Jaalam is an excellent spiritual baby name to consider. It has Hebrew origins and means Hidden, Young Man, Heir, Concealer and He Will Be Hid. According to Bible references, it implies being hidden from the world, while having an innate sense of worth and abilities.

    This name signifies youth and inheritance. It reflects your child’s potential for greatness and capability of achieving their full potential.

    When selecting a spiritual baby name like Jaalam, think about how its various meanings align with your child’s personality traits. Don’t settle for ordinary – choose a name like Jaanai, which means answering and afflicting, for your little troublemaker.

    Jaanai: Answering, Afflicting, Making Poor, Mourner, Jehovah Answers

    Jaanai is a biblical name beginning with ‘J.’ It signifies answering, afflicting, making poor, and being a mourner. Its interpretation, Jehovah Answers, shows its spiritual significance.

    This name is special. It refers to affliction, poverty, and mourning, but also celebrates God’s answering power. It is perfect for parents who value strength in the face of suffering.

    In conclusion, Jaanai is ideal for parents seeking spiritual significance in their baby’s name. Its root meaning highlights life struggles and God’s response to prayers as a source of power.

    Don’t be fooled by the unique name Jaasau, he’s not just doing, he’s a fabricator and a right-hand man to Jehovah!

    Jaasau: Doing, Fabricator, Jehovah Makes

    Jaasau is a biblical name associated with doing, fabricating and the belief that Jehovah makes all things possible. It means ‘Doing‘ and ‘Fabricator‘ – portraying creativity and activity, as well as trust in God.

    It’s a spiritual name beginning with J. It shows action, resilience and spirituality. It’s perfect for families wanting an inspirational meaning in their child’s name.

    What sets this name apart is the combination of qualities it has. It symbolizes taking action, creativity and faith in a higher power. This name is both modern and rooted in religious traditions.

    If you’re looking for similar names, Jaasiel could be a great option, as it portrays being God’s work of art.

    Jaasiel: God’s Work, Comforted by God, Made by God

    Jaasiel is an extraordinary spiritual name. It is said to be from God and stands for being comforted. This beautiful meaning is found in the Bible too. It is also part of a special group of spiritual baby names starting with ‘J’. Jabal, Jabbok, Jacob, and Jael are a few of the others.

    Choosing a spiritual baby name is important. It can affect the child’s character. Jaasiel brings positive energy and divine inspiration. It reminds us of God’s creation and that He can always give us comfort.

    Jaasu: Created

    Jaasu is a spiritual title. It draws from the Bible. The meaning? God’s act of creating – humans, animals, plants – all living beings.

    Chronicles mentions Jaasu as someone God made with a purpose. Not widely known, but Jaasu’s name has symbolism for those seeking a spiritual baby name.

    By choosing Jaasu, you show faith in God’s power to create life with a purpose. You inspire your child to be unique and significant as part of God’s plan.

    Jaasu stands for creation and purpose. It reminds us of the value each child brings. By acknowledging God’s power through the name Jaasu, you invite him to join your family’s journey.

    Jaazaniah: Whom the Lord Will Hear, Jehovah Hears, May God Hear

    Jaazaniah is a spiritual baby name of Hebrew origin. It means “Whom the Lord Will Hear,” “Jehovah Hears,” and “May God Hear.” It is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments.

    In the book of Ezra, Jaazaniah took foreign wives during the Exile. And, in Ezekiel’s prophecies, another person with this name was a prince and leader among exiled Jews.

    This name is not often used today. But, it symbolizes faith, devotion, and a closer relationship with God. It reminds us that we need help and guidance from above.

    Jaazaniah is a unique spiritual name. It shows reverence and awe towards God. Perfect for parents looking for a meaningful name for their child.

    Jaazah: Assistance, Helper, Jehovah Helps

    Jaazah is a spiritual name. It means ‘Assistance’, ‘Helper’ and ‘Jehovah Helps’ in Hebrew. It comes from the Bible.

    It’s more than just a name. It’s about faith and trusting in God’s help. Those with this name are generous, kind and helpful.

    Jaazah stands for turning to God for support and guidance. It reminds us that we’re not alone. May its strength bless your child’s life and God guide them on their spiritual journey.

    Jaaziah: Strength of Jehovah, Sprinkling of the Lord, May God Strengthen

    The name Jaaziah holds deep significance from the Hebrew language. It means “Strength of Jehovah,” “Sprinkling of the Lord,” and “May God Strengthen”. It’s a special baby name not commonly used. It’s connected to spirituality as it refers to Jehovah, meaning “God” or “Lord”. It symbolizes strength and power, qualities found in God.

    Jaaziah also means “Sprinkling of the Lord.” This was a purification ritual done in ancient times. It was thought to bring forgiveness and restore purity.

    Plus, Jaaziah can signify “May God Strengthen.” This means desiring continuous spiritual growth. Those with this name are said to have strong faith in God’s strength.

    Although the name has Christian roots, it isn’t just for those who practice the faith. It reflects universal values like strength and hope. It can be used by anyone, no matter their religious beliefs.

    Naming a child is very important. A spiritual name like Jaaziah adds depth to a child’s personality. It also reflects family values. All in all, Jaaziah is an impressive biblical name with spiritual significance rooted in the Christian faith. Its various interpretations symbolize desirable traits for anyone on their faith journey.

    Jaaziel: God is Determining or Consoling, May God Strengthen

    Jaaziel is a stunning name. It starts with the letter ‘J’ and it has a special spiritual meaning. The name stands for God’s determination and strength. It suggests that if we search for God’s guidance, we will find solace and power.

    This name is found in the Bible, and it shows that a name can represent someone’s destiny or relationship with God. Written in Hebrew as יַעְזִיאֵל, Jaaziel’s heavenly roots are evident.

    Those looking for spirituality often give their child a name with a profound spiritual meaning. Jaaziel is a popular pick for this reason. It shows that parents want their child to have a strong spiritual journey.

    At the end of the day, Jaaziel is a meaningful name that speaks of God’s guidance, strength, and consolation in our lives.

    Jabal: Shepherd, River, Wandering Life, Tents and Cattle

    The table below shows the different meanings associated with the male name Jabbok:

    Gender Meaning
    Male Shepherd
    Male River
    Male Wandering Life
    Male Tents
    Male Cattle

    It’s interesting to note Jabbok isn’t commonly used today, although it was more popular in biblical times. This could be because the pastoral lifestyle was more common then. Plus, Jabbok gives space to get rid of worries, fears, and inner demons.

    Jabbok: Evacuation, Dissipation, Wrestling

    Jabbok is a biblical name with deep meaning in the Old Testament. It is a river or brook east of Jordan. The name has many connotations like evacuation, dissipation, and wrestling. The most well-known story is when Jacob crossed the Jabbok River before meeting Esau. He wrestled with a divine being all night until he received a blessing. This shows Jabbok can symbolize struggles, hardships, and blessings.

    Jabbok is also a place of refuge for those in need. Its rough terrain and rocky cliffs make it an ideal spot for protection. It represents hope to those in difficult times.

    In conclusion, Jabbok is spiritually and historically important in the Bible. It stands for struggle, blessings, protection, and hope. The name Jabbok demonstrates the power of overcoming hardship and finding shelter when distressed.

    Jabesh: Dryness, Confusion, Shame, Dry Place

    Jabesh is connected to dryness, confusion, and shame. It alludes to a dry place, desolation, or wasteland.

    The inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead were in distress due to the Ammonites. They begged Israelite tribes for help, but only got assistance from Saul. Israel saved them from slavery.

    Also, Jabesh is associated with Saul’s battle against the Philistines. Some Israelites ran to Jabesh to escape death.

    Names hold more than just an identifier. They capture memories and moments, which shape our experiences today. Parents should understand the deep meaning of Jabesh and pass it on to future generations.

    Jabez may bring sorrow, but picking a spiritual name with meaning can bring joy to your little one’s life.

    Jabez: Sorrow, Trouble, Makes Sorrow or Height

    The name Jabez is one of many Biblical names beginning with ‘J’. Its meaning is unique, signifying sorrow, trouble, or making sorrow. This is seen in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, where Jabez’s mother gave birth to him in great pain and sorrow.

    However, Jabez did not let his past suffering stop him. He prayed to God, asking for blessings to enlarge his territory and keep him from harm.

    This story teaches us that we can also seek blessings from God and strive for success. The spiritual significance of the name Jabez is important, especially when we face hardships. We should not let our past determine our future, and we can always turn to God for blessings and guidance.

    Jabin: Whom God Observes, Discerner, Intelligent, Understands

    Jabin is a name with an immense meaning. It is derived from Hebrew and its literal translation means “Whom God Observes.” This implies that Jabin believed he was always being watched by God. The name has other interpretations too, such as Discerner, Intelligent, and Understands.

    According to the Bible, Jabin was a King of Hazor. His name symbolizes his purpose on Earth and his understanding of life. He may have placed emphasis on knowledge, justice, and the fear of God. These are all core principles of faith.

    Jabin’s name suggests he had an exceptional ability to comprehend people and situations. This is an important quality for a leader, as it helps make decisions that benefit others.

    In present times, selecting a spiritual baby name for your child can instill faith-based values from birth. It can also provide them with a positive outlook for the future. Jabin is one of many spiritual baby names beginning with ‘J’ that parents can choose if they want to provide these values to their kids.

    Jabneel: Building of God, Built by God

    Jabneel – meaning “Building of God” or “Built by God” – is a Hebrew baby name with spiritual significance. It appears in the Bible and reminds us to be humble and recognize our dependence on God.

    In ancient times, Jabneel was a city owned by the tribe of Judah. This symbolizes that the tribe will always have a place in God’s kingdom.

    Naming your child Jabneel encourages them to lead a life on strong, divinely inspired principles. Unlike the name Jachan, which carries negative connotations, Jabneel conveys hope and faith.

    So if you’re looking for a spiritual baby name starting with ‘J’ that’s unique and meaningful, consider Jabneel. It carries a message of love, hope, and divine inspiration.

    Jachan: Wearing Out, Oppressing, Affliction

    Jachan is a Hebrew name for males. It stands for affliction, weariness and oppression. It’s one of the names beginning with the letter J in the Bible. Jachan symbolizes struggle and hardship. It’s a sign that life won’t always be easy. But no matter how hard it gets, we need to stay strong. In the Bible, Jachan is portrayed as a figure who never gave up in the face of difficulty.

    Moreover, there are many other biblical names beginning with J. Each has its own spiritual significance. Parents can pick any of these names based on their religious meaning.

    Jachin: Strengthens and Makes Steadfast, Establishes

    Jachin is a spiritual name that holds tremendous importance in Hebrew culture. It symbolizes strength, stability, permanence, and reliability. The two pillars, Jachin and Boaz, at the entranceway of King Solomon’s temple, are its biblical roots.

    From a spiritual perspective, it stands for a strong base to accompany a person on their spiritual quest. It highlights the importance of adhering to values and righteousness. Parents seeking a special and meaningful name for their baby boy may find Jachin perfect.

    Jachin is part of numerous Biblical names with ‘J’ that have religious significance. Through the ages, these names have been passed down, inspiring parents to bestow their child with spiritual relevance.

    In conclusion, Jachin is a name that reinforces steadiness and creates a sound groundwork for life’s journey. Rather than taking someone else’s path, parents may prefer naming their baby boy Jachin and let him carve his own.

    Jacob: Supplanter, Undermines, the Heel, Follows on Another’s Heels

    Jacob is a name with its roots in Hebrew, meaning “Supplanter” or “Undermines“. It relates to someone who follows on another’s heels. It also means “the Heel“, as in the Bible story of Jacob being born holding his twin brother Esau’s heel. The Bible portrays Jacob as a cunning and shrewd individual. Yet, he repented and reconciled with Esau.

    Jacob further deceived his father Isaac to obtain the birthright. He disguised himself as Esau to get his father’s blessing.

    God used Jacob to fulfill His plan. He promised Jacob’s offspring would become a great nation. This is seen when Jacob’s twelve sons became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel.

    The name Jacob implies someone who supplants or undermines others for personal gain. Yet, it also speaks of perseverance and faith in God. In Christian theology, the name is significant due to its use in the Old Testament and its relation to one of Israel’s patriarchs.

    In contrast, Jada may sound like a princess’ name. Yet, it actually means “knowing” and “wise“.

    Jada: Knowing, Wise

    Jada is the best pick for parents who are looking for a spiritual name for their baby. It’s a Hebrew name with the meaning “wise” or “knowing“. According to a list of more than 60 spiritual baby names starting with ‘J‘, it’s mainly used for girls.

    It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice; it has a lovely sound and an amazing meaning. Plus, there are several variations of Jada like Jadon (“will judge“) and Jaddua (“very knowing“). These variations give parents more options when deciding their child’s name.

    Overall, Jada is a great way to honor your baby’s future with wisdom and knowledge.

    Jadau: Hand, Confession, Favorite or Friend

    Jadau is a name with meaning. It means “Hand”, “Confession”, “Favorite” or “Friend”. A table with columns like Name, Gender, Meaning and Origin has been created to explain it better. Jadau isn’t featured in biblical texts. It’s a unique baby name that resonates with South Asian cultures.

    Parents want the best name for their child. Having a collection of spiritual baby names with different alphabets like ‘J’ can help them.

    Jadon means “will judge”, “thankful”, “rules” or “abides”. It’s a strong spiritual baby name starting with ‘J’.

    Jadon: Will Judge, Thankful, Rules or Abides

    Jadon is a special spiritual baby name with biblical roots. The Bible mentions Jadon as a talented worker who helped rebuild Jerusalem during Nehemiah’s time. In Hebrew, this name signifies “he will judge” or “thankful“. It also symbolizes respect for God’s laws.

    Parents who choose Jadon for their baby may desire that their child grows up with strong moral standards. Biblically, Jadon was known for his talents, hard work, and resilience when rebuilding. This adds to the name’s meaning, making it an excellent pick for those looking for spiritual monikers with biblical significance.

    Though it has a deep history and significant meanings, Jadon isn’t as widespread as some other biblical names. Nevertheless, it is still a great option for parents who treasure spirituality and tradition when naming their baby. Another biblical name with similar origins is Jaddua, which stands for “known” and “very knowing“.

    Jaddua: Known, Very Knowing

    Jaddua is a biblical name that means ‘known‘ or ‘very knowing‘. It was given to a high priest from the time of Nehemiah. He was famous for being pious and devoted to God’s work.

    Jaddua’s story is a reminder to us all: we must be knowledgeable about our faith and help others with our actions. It also shows us that leadership is not just about power, but also using it to serve others.

    This name carries with it a rich history, and is a great reminder for believers of all ages.

    Let’s now explore another spiritual name starting with ‘J’: Jahaleel, which means ‘praising God‘.

    Jael: Goat, Agile

    Jael is a noteworthy Biblical name. It stands for both goat and agile. This unique mix of characteristics makes it attractive to parents seeking a meaningful moniker for their baby. We created a table to help understand the symbolism of this name. It includes its variations in Scripture, its gender (female), and its interpretation.

    Variation in Scripture Gender Interpretation
    Jael Female Goat, Agile

    Jael’s special symbolism and flexibility make it an ideal option for spiritual parents who respect the power of names and their meanings. Surprisingly, out of all 30 names on this page starting with ‘J’, none have such clear connotations as Jael. This highlights its remarkable qualities. Although Jagur sounds like a good name for a farmer, its real meaning is a husbandman and stranger.

    Jagur: Husbandman, Stranger

    Jagur is a biblical name with a deep story. It has two parts. Firstly, it means “husbandman” – a farmer or land cultivator. Secondly, it means “stranger” – someone not from a particular community. In the Bible, Jagur was the name of a town given to the tribe of Judah. Little is known about the town, but its name suggests farming and migration.

    Names are often chosen for their positive connotations. Looking at biblical literature can provide more understanding when selecting a name. If you’re looking for other unique baby names that start with J, consider: Jaakan, Jaakobah, Jaala, Jaalam, Jaanai, Jaasau, Jaasiel, Jaasu, Jaazaniah, and Jaazah. All these have spiritual meanings.

    Jah: Abbreviation of Jehovah

    Jah is an abbreviation of the famous biblical name, Jehovah, which has a Hebrew origin. The Bible states that this name for God implies He is eternal and unchangeable. Jah is sometimes used synonymously with Jehovah.

    Spiritually, Jah is significant as it stands for God’s divine nature. It illustrates His everlasting power and His reign over all on earth and in heaven. This emphasizes the importance of picking a name with a strong spiritual meaning for our children.

    Jah holds special meaning for Rastafarians too. They believe in Haile Selassie I, Ethiopia’s Emperor from 1930-1974. To them, Jah Rastafari refers to worshipping Selassie as the living incarnation of their god. This faith has motivated many people and raised Jah’s cultural importance beyond its traditional religious value.

    When selecting names for our babies, it is essential to be mindful, like Jahaleel, which means ‘praising God’. Even a baby’s name can bring spiritual happiness and appreciation.

    Jahaleel: Praising God

    Jahaleel is a special name with Hebrew roots. It means ‘Praising God‘ – perfect for parents who want to honor their faith. In the Bible, Jahaleel was one of Zebulun’s sons, blessed by God with beauty.

    This beautiful name symbolizes devotion to the divine. It motivates individuals to be in line with their faith – to raise their souls through prayer and gratitude. It can give a strong purpose in life from a young age.

    Jahaleel also stands for elevation and exaltation. It conveys spiritual growth, enlightenment, and success. It is a reminder that faith can help one overcome life’s difficulties.

    Pro Tip: Variations like Jahlil or Jahleil can add diversity while keeping the spiritual meaning of Jahaleel.

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    1. By sharing, parents can learn the spiritual meanings of names with ‘J’. These names have hidden meanings that can bring spirituality and direction to a child’s life.
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    Some Facts About Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With J:

    • ✅ There are over 6 unique spiritual names starting with J for babies (Source: Nameslook)
    • ✅ These names have gender categorization and meaning provided for each of them. (Source: Nameslook)
    • ✅ In addition to modern spiritual names, there are over 30 biblical proper names starting with J with proposed etymological meanings. (Source: Wikipedia)
    • ✅ The list of biblical names includes popular names such as Jacob and James. (Source: Believers Portal)
    • ✅ These names have different meanings like wisdom, strength, helper, goat, and many more. (Source: Believers Portal)

    FAQs about Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With J