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Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With D

    Key Takeaway:

    • Biblical Names Starting with D hold important meanings and significance in Christianity. Some of these names are Dagon, Damascus, Daniel, Deborah, David, Delilah, Diana, and Dionysius.
    • Spiritual Baby Names Starting with D offer unique and meaningful options for parents looking to give their child a spiritual name. There are over 35 names for boys and girls, including Daivya, Darshal, Deependra, Devrat, Darshee, Deevena, Devanshi, and Divyana.
    • Christian Baby Names Starting with D can be shortlisted from’s collection of names starting with D. The list includes biblical names as well as modern Christian names for boys and girls.

    Biblical Names Starting with D: Meanings and Significance

    Biblical names starting with D offer deep insight into the lives and beliefs of individuals in ancient times. In this section, we will explore the meanings and significance behind these names, revealing how each name can provide insights into the historical, religious, and cultural contexts of that era. We will explore famous biblical names, such as Daniel and Deborah, while also diving into lesser-known names, such as Dagon, Damascus, and Dionysius. Get ready to discover the fascinating spiritual meanings behind each name.

    Dagon: The Fish God and Human Sacrifice

    Dagon, the fish god of ancient Philistines, had a human upper body and fish-like tail. His worship was linked with human sacrifice. People offered burning victims to gain his favor. Even though the practices were brutal, worshippers believed Dagon could bring prosperity and fertility to their lives.

    Surprisingly, some people still use ‘Dagon‘ as a given name for their children. Knowing the reference data and understanding the history behind a name is essential before selecting one for a child. In Damascus, a similar welcome party to what happened during Dagon‘s worship might include a sack full of blood and burning.

    Damascus: Sack Full of Blood and Burning

    The city of Damascus, also known as the “Sack Full of Blood and Burning,” has a long and eventful past. Its name, ‘Dammeseq’, comes from Hebrew and means ‘silent’.

    Over the years, it has been conquered and destroyed by many empires – King David’s, Nebuchadnezzar’s, Assyrians, Greeks, and Romans. Muawiya I of Umayyad made his dynasty by transforming a church into a mosque in the 7th century.

    Despite its violent history, Damascus is still one of the world’s oldest living cities. It has experienced numerous battles, including a massacre of over 20,000 by Tamerlane on 9th July 1400 A.D. The name of the city has a special significance as it portrays not just violence, but also the struggles that have formed its history.

    To sum up, this history of Damascus reminds us that names are often related to significant moments or events. Even if a name was given for a good reason initially, stories attached to it over time can give it an undeserved negative connotation. It makes us wonder what would have happened if these events had not occurred.

    Daniel: Judgment of God or God My Judge

    Daniel, a biblical name starting with D, signifies God’s judgment or being judged by Him. In the Old Testament, Daniel was renowned for his unwavering faith and interpreting dreams. Miraculously, he was spared from the den of lions through God’s intervention.

    The name Daniel can be interpreted as “God My Judge.” It has been given to renowned figures, including saints and kings, showing strength, courage, wisdom, and trust in divine guidance.

    In recent years, Daniel has become popular amongst parents seeking spiritual names for their children. It has a unique sound and meaning, making it a timeless choice for those wanting to honor tradition yet provide modernity to their child’s name.

    If you desire your child to embody bravery, faithfulness, and integrity, consider naming them after Daniel. He exemplified such traits and became a symbol of God’s divine intervention.

    Deborah: Word, Thing, or Bee

    Deborah is a Biblical name. It has three interpretations – ‘word’, ‘thing’, and the most popular one – ‘bee’. In the Bible, Deborah was a prophetess and judge who helped Israel win against the Canaanites. Her wisdom and dedication was like a bee’s.

    Today, many cultures use Deborah as a girl’s name. It stands for strength, femininity, and hard work – qualities of a bee. Plus, there is Handel’s oratorio ‘Deborah’, adding more meaning to the name.

    So, if you’re looking for a meaningful name, why not try Deborah? Just make sure to keep any slingshots away from a potential young David!

    David: Well-Beloved or Dear

    David shares his name with one of the most powerful and influential kings of Israel. His name means “Well-Beloved” or “Dear“. The Old Testament of the Bible has extensively documented his life story.

    Prophet Samuel anointed him in his youth, due to his faithfulness, bravery, and leadership skills. God chose David. Throughout his lifetime, he lived up to his name, being loved and admired by his people.

    David was a man of charisma and intelligence. He bravely faced many challenges, protecting Israel and leading it in both war and peace. Despite his flaws, he stayed devoted to God’s will throughout his reign. Christian literature sees him as an icon of Christ, symbolizing divine love with his faith to God through hard times.

    David’s legacy continues to inspire individuals across the world. People draw inspiration from his admirable qualities of bravery, strength, and loyalty. People bear his name to express their admiration for his exceptional leadership skills. David’s name stands for belovedness and dearness towards others, exuding exemplary leadership qualities.

    Delilah: Poor, Small-Statured, and Samson’s Mistress

    Delilah is well-known from the Old Testament. Her name means “poor” or “small-statured“. Despite being warned, Samson fell in love with her. She was determined to find out what gave Samson his strength. She discovered it was his hair and cut it off while he slept. This led to his capture and imprisonment.

    Delilah is seen as a symbol of desire and temptation. Her story is a warning about giving in to temptation and betraying secrets. Yet there are also positive examples of women in history, such as Deborah, a great judge.

    We must not forget Delilah’s cousins, Dagon and Damascus. They are associated with fish gods and human sacrifice. But Delilah will always be remembered as Samson’s mistress.

    Diana: Luminous or Perfect

    Diana is a Latin name associated with beauty, independence, and strength. It means “luminous” or “perfect“. Diana was known for her virginity, purity, and gracefulness.

    During the Renaissance period, Diana was seen as symbolising pureness and innocence. The Bard, Shakespeare, featured it in his play ‘As You Like It‘. Parents still choose the name for their daughters, for its timeless charm.

    Diana invokes gracefulness, independence, and nurturing instincts. Its ancient namesake has noble qualities to share with any child.

    Dionysius: Divinely Touched

    Dionysius is a Greek name with divine connotations. According to Greek mythology, Dionysus was the god of wine and fertility. This name is often linked to someone who’s gifted and blessed by the gods. In Christian tradition, Saint Dionysius, a bishop in Athens and famed for his philosophical knowledge, gives the name religious importance. It’s the ideal pick for parents who yearn for a unique but meaningful name for their child, and those who trust in fate.

    Furthermore, Dionysius’s name is not only linked to divine blessing, but also creativity and passion. When it comes to D names, parents have many choices including David, Daniel, or Deborah, each with its own symbolism. is a great resource for Christian names starting with D and their interpretations, which can help narrow the list of options.

    In conclusion, if parents want to give their child a spiritual name that suggests creativity and passion, Dionysius is an excellent choice. They can also browse more than 35 special spiritual baby names beginning with D to find the perfect name for their precious one.

    Spiritual Baby Names Starting with D: Unique and Meaningful

    Are you on the lookout for unique and meaningful baby names that reflect your spirituality? Look no further! In this section, we present a collection of over 35 spiritual baby names starting with the letter D, categorized by gender, and with their respective meanings. From Daivya to Divyana, these names offer a wide range of options for parents seeking to imbue their child’s name with spiritual significance. Plus, we even provide a favorites page to help you curate a personalized list of your top choices.

    Collection of Over 35 Spiritual Names for Boys and Girls

    Searching for a name with spiritual significance? Look no further! This collection of over 35 spiritual names for boys and girls has you covered. Each name is presented with its meaning and even a likeability rating.

    Boy names include Daivya, Darshal, Deependra, and Devrat. While the girl names are Darshee, Deevena, Devanshi, and Divyana. Plus, there are uncommon options too, if you’re looking for something distinct.

    The “My Favorites” page can help you narrow down your choices. So, explore this collection to find the perfect name for your child that aligns with your spiritual beliefs. Let this list take one less thing to argue with your partner about!

    Categorized by Gender with Meaning and Likeability Heart Symbol

    Searching for a spiritual baby name beginning with D? Look no more! We’ve compiled over 35 names for boys and girls, including Daivya, Darshal, Deevena, Devanshi, and Divyana. To make it easier, we put the list in a table. The first column shows the name, then the second column has its gender. The third column has the spiritual meaning, and the fourth has a heart icon to show how likable it is. Each name has historical or religious significance, and we chose it carefully based on its meaning and likeability.

    Name Gender Spiritual Meaning Likability
    Daivya Girl Divine; Heavenly
    Darshan Boy/Girl Seeing with a spiritual eye
    Deevena Girl A star; blessed with divine power
    Devanshi Girl Divine; Part of God
    Divyana Girl Divine and charming

    One couple had a hard time picking a name for their baby girl until they found our list. After going through it several times and picking the ones they liked, they chose ‘Divnaya‘. They loved how it sounded and the spiritual symbolism of being divine-like was perfect for their daughter.

    If you’re looking for a name with spiritual connotation or some unique and likable baby names, our list will help.

    Examples of Boy Names: Daivya, Darshal, Deependra, Devrat

    Names beginning with D for baby boys provide a variety of meanings and importance. If you’re a parent seeking spiritual, biblical or Christian names, there are plenty of special picks to choose from. Daivya, Darshal, Deependra and Devrat are some examples.

    Daivya is divine or heavenly, while Darshal is someone who can look clearly or brightly. Deependra is lord of light or lamps and Devrat devoted to God. Each has a special spiritual significance which could signify the values and beliefs of your family.

    If you’re searching for a deeper spiritual connection or to give your child certain values, the reference data provides a long list of boys’ names beginning with D. With over 35 spiritual names divided by gender and with meanings, there are lots of possibilities to look into. Plus, offers a selection of Christian names starting with D, with a heart icon for easy selection.

    Choosing your child’s name is a major decision which affects their character and personality. A meaningful name like Daivya, Darshal, Deependra or Devrat can lay a strong foundation for your child’s spirituality and have an influence on their life in many important ways.

    Using the reference data, you can find a unique name that spiritually connects you and reflects your family tradition and beliefs. Don’t miss out on the chance to find the perfect baby boy name for your family!

    Examples of Girl Names: Darshee, Deevena, Devanshi, Divyana

    Girl names starting with D that have spiritual and unique meanings? Look no further! Consider Darshee, Deevena, Devanshi, and Divyana.

    These names each have a distinct meaning. Perfect for parents wanting meaningful names for their baby girls!

    • Darshee means “lord Krishna” in Sanskrit.
    • Deevena means “blessing or strength of God” in Hindi.
    • Devanshi is “divine” or “angelic” in Hindi.
    • Finally, Divyana means “divine” in Sanskrit.

    These spiritual girl names are more than beautiful and meaningful. They can shape your child’s life, influencing her character and worldview. Many cultures believe that the name given to a baby can shape their future personality traits. Hence, it’s important to choose a name with a positive connotation.

    So if you’re looking for a unique and special name that reflects your faith, consider one of these: Darshee, Deevena, Devanshi, or Divyana.

    My Favorites Page to Create Personalized List

    My Favorites Page is a great aid for parents searching for the perfect name for their new bundle of joy. Here, users can look through a collection of Christian baby names that begin with D, plus unique and meaningful spiritual names. They can also sort the names by gender, meaning, and popularity. Plus, they can see the meanings and origins of the names.

    The best part? Users can create a custom list of their favorite names. This is great for parents who want to get opinions from family and friends before deciding.

    Plus, My Favorites Page offers info on popular biblical names. These include Daniel, Deborah, David, and Delilah. Every name has its own special meaning and importance in biblical history. So, parents can select a name with spiritual meaning.

    This is a great help for parents trying to pick a name. They can examine meanings and religious importance to make an informed decision. For instance, Daniel means “God is my judge,” and Deborah means “bee.” Thanks to My Favorites Page, parents have access to a comprehensive database of names and their meanings.

    Christian Baby Names Starting with D: Select and Shortlist

    Looking for the perfect Christian baby name starting with D? You’re in luck – has compiled an extensive collection of beautiful, meaningful names to choose from. In this section, we’ll explore’s collection of Christian names starting with D, and show you how to easily shortlist your favorites with the click of a heart icon. Get ready to discover the perfect name for your bundle of joy!’s Collection of Christian Names Starting with D

    Looking for a Christian name starting with D for your newborn?’s got you covered. It features boy and girl names that have deep religious significance. From Old Testament figures like Daniel, David, and Deborah, to saints like Dominic and Damian – the origin of these names is diverse. Each name is accompanied by its meaning and origin. Plus, there’s a heart icon to save favorite names for later. But that’s not all – also prioritizes diversity in its selection. So, discover traditional biblical names as well as unique ones with special meanings. With this approach, each parent can find a personalized name that reflects their own values and preferences.

    Click Heart Icon to Shortlist Preferred Names

    For users who want to shortlist their preferred Christian baby names starting with D, offers a convenient feature. Just click the heart icon next to each name, and add it to your personalized list.

    This feature helps you keep track of the names you like. Plus, you can narrow down your choices for your little one. offers a huge variety of over 35 spiritual baby names categorized by gender and meaning. Each name has its own unique significance and profound spiritual connotations.

    Finding a Christian baby name is now quick and easy with

    Get ready to explore a plethora of spiritual revelations on name meanings starting with D – we’ve rounded up links that give in-depth knowledge on this topic! With authoritative sources like Who’s Who in the Old Testament, All the Men and Women of the Bible, and All the Divine Names and s, you will have access to rich knowledge of Biblical names that have significant meanings. Plus, we have compiled a list of Biblical names that start with D, including Darius, Dinah, and Debir, which will surely catch your interest!

    Further Information on Names: Who’s Who in the Old Testament, All the Men of the Bible, All the Women of the Bible, and All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible

    The Bible holds a big collection of literature with lots of detail about biblical figures and divine names. To get more information on these topics, one can use sources such as “Who’s Who in the Old Testament,” “All the Men of the Bible,” “All the Women of the Bible,” and “All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible”.

    To make it easier to explore all this literature, a table has been made. It categorizes characters according to gender. It has info like name, meaning, origin, significance and more for each character.

    Also, people looking for spiritually inspired baby names can have a look at the long list of unique names starting with D in “All Name Meanings”. These names show love for God or deep spiritual meanings. They can help create a connection between people and their spiritual identities through the chosen name.

    Picking a name for a baby with deep spiritual meaning may seem hard. But you can make it simpler by looking at meaningful origins or biblical characters. By seeing multiple meanings behind one name, it’s easier to select a name that fits the child’s spirit.

    List of Biblical Names Meaning Starting with D: Dabareh, Dabbasheth, Daberath, Dalaiah, Dalmanutha, Dalmatia, Dalphon, Damaris, Dan, Dannah, Darah, Darda, Darius, Darkon, Dathan, Debir, Decapolis, Dedan, Dedanim, Dekar, Delaiah, Demas, Demetrius, Derbe, Deuel, Deuteronomy, Diblaim, Diblath, Dibon, Dibon-gad, Dibri, Dibzahab or Dizahab, Didymus, Diklah or Dildah, Dilean, Dimon, Dimonah, Dinah, Dinhabah

    This section looks into an abundance of biblical names beginning with the letter “D.” Such as Dabareh, which means “spoken word“, Dabbasheth, meaning “abundance of flowers“, and Dalaiah which stands for “God has delivered“.

    Moreover, other names such as Dalmanutha, which means “prolongation or lengthening out; branchy place,” Damas, meaning “a governor or pastor,” and Debir, which refers to an oracle, the sanctuary, or the holy place.

    Furthermore, the list continues with Dedan, Delaiah, Demas, Didymus, and Dinah. This provides a deeper understanding of the richness and diversity of biblical names starting with “D”.

    An exploration of these ancient biblical names sheds light on the history and cultures of bygone civilizations. It offers insight into how people lived and what they believed thousands of years ago, making the Bible not only a spiritual guide, but also a valuable historical and cultural treasure.

    For those searching for spiritual baby names that start with “D”, there are over 35 options for both genders, with meanings depicted by heart symbols. Readers can select their preferred choice and shortlist them by clicking on the heart icon attached.

    Five Facts About Spiritual Meaning of Names Starting with D:

    • ✅ The page provides a list of biblical proper names starting with the letter D in English transcription, along with their proposed etymological meanings. (Source: Team Research)
    • ✅ is a collection of over 35 unique spiritual baby names starting with “D” categorized by gender along with their meanings. (Source: Team Research)
    • ✅ offers users a selection of Christian names starting with D, which can be shortlisted by clicking on the heart icon next to the name. (Source: Team Research)
    • ✅ Several names starting with D in the Bible are associated with judgments, laws, or the poor of the Lord, including Dan, Daniel, Dannah, Delaiah, and Diblaim. (Source:
    • ✅ Other names starting with D in the Bible have meanings related to wisdom, house of caves, abundance of knowledge, or luminosity, such as Darda, Damacus/Damascus, Delilah, and Diana. (Source:

    FAQs about Spiritual Meaning Of Names Starting With D

    What is the spiritual meaning of names starting with D?

    The spiritual meaning of names starting with D can vary based on their biblical or spiritual origins. Many D-names in the Bible have meanings related to judgment, knowledge, and obedience to God, while other spiritual baby names starting with D may have meanings related to divine power, generation, or habitation. Consult the sources provided for more information on specific names.

    What books provide information on biblical names starting with D?

    The books Who’s Who in the Old Testament, All the Men of the Bible, All the Women of the Bible, and All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible are all sources listed on the Wikipedia page that provide information on biblical names starting with D.

    Are there any selected names yet kindly provided on the spiritual baby names list starting with D?

    Yes, there are selected names yet kindly provided on the spiritual baby names list starting with D. Users can click the heart symbol to add their preferred names to the “My Favorites” page.

    The Zondervan Publishing 1988 ISBN provides a list of possibly related Aramaic terms for biblical names starting with D, including Dalaiah meaning “the poor of the Lord”, Delaiah meaning “Jehovah is deliverer”, and Dibri meaning “oration”. Consult the sources provided for more information on these names and their origins.

    What is the meaning of the name Deborah?

    The name Deborah means “word”, “thing”, or “bee”. In the Bible, Deborah was a prophetess and judge who helped lead the Israelites to victory against their enemies.

    Who is the author of the book “All the Men of the Bible” that provides information on biblical names starting with D?

    The author of the book “All the Men of the Bible” is Herbert Lockyer. It is one of several sources listed on the Wikipedia page that provide information on biblical names starting with D.